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I started my e-commerce store about three months ago ,very optimistic yet realistic. I set aside my life savings hoping to venture into a profitable e-commerce store. I found the perfect product; selling art prints, effectively using my talent. Paid for the advanced plan(cont in comment)


As Henry Ford said ‘If you think you can or if you think you can’t then you are right’

If you ask this question then yes your thoughts are what your beliefs become, are they not?

Should you be in two minds about this then I would suggest you put your past behind you and use it as experience which is what entrepreneurs do 🙂

If this was just three months ago then

  1. This is fresh data that can be exploited to some extent.
  2. To understand why and what was incongruent within your message, your imaging;
  3. I would not call zero sales in just three months groundbreaking news 🙂

Unfortunately many people do as you and put their life savings into an e-commerce store without the proper education. I recall when my husband went from an employee to his own company, he had to by law follow a 3 day course to prepare him for the change. It was very brief and just gave the bare minimum but he was keeping the same profession a plumber, the course was useful nevertheless.

There are, as everything on the internet a plethora of courses and you can do and if I may suggest there is one that has an ‘earn as you learn’ business system. Their modular system allows you to learn at your own rhythm and they have a whole module on e-commerce, following live case studies; having mentors that have years of experience giving their sources and little tricks. To have more information about this system go see my website Digital Education Giving Freedom For You in the 21st Century or you can go straight to the 30 day trial bundle here

Enjoy the journey 🙂