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1 : 4 000 000 000

That number is too surreal to sink in right? Yet that is the  chance of you being born to your parents in this time frame. So that is just amazing and how come you are not acting out every second of your life as an amazing being?

So you’re  Fù^* ??????

Yes quiet so, I have just listened to Mel Robins’s Ted talk (below) and it is quiet an eye opener……………..

We only have one life you know and yes push it to the maximum and the rewards are fathomless.

I am myself onto a huge goal that I trust you’ll follow so as to not only get inspired but to question me so as I may help you with your huge goals too.

Let’s start by you booking an appointment with me and let’s get this off the ground – time to pull back the sheets…

Does that not just resonate with you? I must admit today, Sunday, I did just throw back the sheets and start my day earlier than normal and here I am at 10 am having meditated over an hour, had a healthy breakfast – just because for once there were fruits in the house other than bananas!!! – and writing up about this post for I listened to it ‘quickly’ whilst having breakfast. You know ‘Oh I’ll put on a Ted Talk rather than the punk rock for tis early and the neighbours may be having a lie in!!’

So I turly hope this makes your day too and that the start of your week will be all the better for it.

Pulling back the sheets whatever it takes ;)