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Mother’s Heyday is what I am experiencing NOW after the storm…

Boy I know it  is difficult to be  a mom – a Mother’s heyday is in – but these last few days have been exceedingly difficult!!

I have my eldest son going off to university (of sorts), my eldest girl off to high school (new flat) and the young boy doing his ‘high school diploma’ this year and the youngest doing well just ploughing on through!!

A Mother’s Heyday

And god am I a proud MOTHER §

Have you ever had things happen to you, dear woman – giver of life, beings of all knowledge, so much more powerful than men – with all due respect.  So have you had things thrown in your face that were totally in your control, that were totally your own doing but you just were not xxx  ready YET?  xxx can mean financially, socially, educationally, it can mean a whole load of things that resignate with you now. For as I recall and I do not mean to be disrespectful to Mothers who have been there before me, but I feel sometimes very strong and sometimes so completely hopelessly lost!

A Mother’s Heyday sure where oh where is the manual? Please can you hand it down? I have now one 17 year old who is so LOGICAL minded, (so he thinketh!!!!!), that it is impossible to make him see sence- in my own logical way of thinking!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Mother’s Heyday is when she can relate to her child.

But generally she can and she intrinsically KNOWS what is right for that particular child and what is inherantly wrong. How do we get this across to them is the wisdom of being a MUM – having a heyday.

A Mother’s Heyday?

This is due to hard labour (no pun intended). But personally I get the feeling that men and women are very different, for example the woman gets to go through all the emotional ‘transformations of the child:

  • Baby – mother dependant – breastfeeding
  • child – early schooling (kindergarden)  – mother getting her wings out
  • child – middle schooling (elementary) – mother getting her wing span
  • young adolescence – middle schooling (french = college, american = high school) – pecking order with the adults
  • full frontal adolescence – final schooling -( french Lycée, american = high school?) – child almost an adult here and very difficult to contain
  • Young adulthood – university / prepschools – child just financially dependant !!!

With my eldest child I personally am in the “young adulthood” bar the fact that this child is what is diagnosed as ‘super-intelligent’ and that this has been a handicap of sorts for me (just now look financially he is too young to apply for a loan at 2% so we (the parents) had to apply for an ordinary loan at 8% to pay his fees….)  But I digress…

A Mother’s heyday is when she pulls off all the emotional stuns and the child is not only in safty but also happy!!!

The father has to provide the financial end of the ‘story’!!!!

A Mother’s Heyday

Any day she can have the joy of seeing her work rewarded and generally it is every day.  Some times it is a little tricky, is it not dear? but what does it matter what she goes through as long as the end result is that the child is well behaved, with values and morals and is happy?

I am the luckiest of Mothers as I get to work from home with all that it carries with it – the pay check? well never ever a fixed amount at the end of the month, for sure(in the beginning!! ;)) and our role is it not to put our flesh and blood into the world with the best attributes? For me attributes are not having the latest clothes etc for the girls, nor have the latest Warhammer deck etc but to have the best education possible from le lycée onwards that’s just before high school.

A Mother’s heyday is being there for her kids, being there when they need to rush off to the football match, get taken to the gym….and this is where I prone ‘Work form Home’ is the best, never oh never could I have taken my kids to where they are nowwithout it.

A Mother’s Heyday

This is when she has been threw hell and back with the child intack …………..

The father well he just foots the bill…

I know this is not a given thing neither but hey that’s not too emotional now is it???

A Mother’s Heyday is when she can help other Mothers through the “rough patches too” come and join me here and let’s get the party going.