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Accountability Partners.

If there is one thing I have learnt during my years online is that nothing teaches you like masterminding with an accountability partner. These can be random people you meet online, at an event, or part of the same group sessions you’ve booked with a mentor for X months where the accountability partner is assigned to you.


Rules with accountability partners.

  • Meet with your accountability partner once a week,
  • Set intentions – 3 maximum as more is unreal,
  • If for some reason you two can not meet – make sure to quickly reinstall the weekly meetings (we stopped for Christmas and the New Year as our days fell on those actual holidays but I really missed talking to her and setting those goals – and to restart the meetings could have easily not taken place, but we both were determined to remain accountability partners).
  • Really ensure that the meetings get re-installed quickly.


Results with accountability partners.

The fact that you have weekly meetings with your accountability partner means that the really important things that move your business forwards are pushed to the forefront of the agenda. One must recall the accountability partner, is a person you do not really know and this person is NOT your friend, so like you takes time out of his agenda to meet with you – phone, live, ‘Skype’ whatever…. This reinforces the fact that these points on the agenda, then get done because there are only so many times you can say ‘Oh no I didn’t do that’ and be meat with an ‘Oh… Alright then!’ I recall this is what pushed me to make those 10 cold calls that I had meant to have done all week. The talk in my mind went something like this ‘Oh no, I call Steve, my accountability partner in 30 mins’ gulp, cold sweat… I know I have not done those calls… NO I just can’t face him and tell him again that I did not do it! And in the next 10 minutes I dialed those 10 numbers, totally confident and free of stress, as I was just imagining telling Steve that I had done it!


Why chose an accountability partner?

Perception changes and the pressure is high vis-à-vis of your accountability partner and then the task at hand becomes doable!!