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 Action – Imperfect Gets You Started!

The definition of action is the fact or process of doing something, typically to achieve an aim. So what is the purpous of your action? What are you aiming for? Whether it is to get people to your website, to book a call, to give you their email the aim of your action here, is for the other person to take it, so you must make it compelling enough for them to do that.

Now let me ask you a question.

If you take no action how do you know what will move the other person to take action themselves?

I hope here you see the benefits of taking imperfect action… You can tweak what you write, how you express yourself, the images you use these action steps are all going to get you to find out what makes your audience take action – either by going to your website, giving you their email, signing up for the webinar…

By taking action you also know on which metric to focus your attention…

Any action means you will have some data to analyse – numbers with witch to play with – be they followers on Instagram, fans on Facebook, Subscribers on YouTube… at least you can see those and then know which one is more important to you. Subscribers on your email list may be high but if they are not interacting with your mails by opening them, commenting then having a high number is of no interest! In the old days the adage was $1 per subscriber on your list (email list) but not anymore! So what will be your metrics?

Take action – imperfect action and tell me 😉