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Alpha, hello is anybody there?

Alpha waves connect both sides of the brain and are said to be a sign of relaxed activity experienced after meditation, yoga and a good drink or two!! Alpha, is generally with the creative individuals, crystal clear visionist and relaxed. Alpha,  is also more common in children than in beta stressed out adults…Athough not one state of the brain wave is better than another, stress it would seem tends to block out the alpha waves and these are very beneficial..

Benefits of the alpha brain waves:

  • Relaxed thought means a relaxed body as alpha brain waves can only be produced when your are completely at ease and even drowsy. Increasing your Alpha, is a good way to decrease your stress levels…
  • Accesses a creative state, this is found to be the case for artists of all sorts from painters to singers, but a marketer??? So more Alpha, means greater creativity in our marketing and in our everyday lives.
  • Enhanced problem solving, as these waves connect the two hemispheres giving better communication and clearer thinking. This is because the left hemisphere likes to think it can solve the problem when there is a solution that the right side is waiting to give but generally can not.
  • Optimal athletic performance has been detected by several professionals from golf to basketball players.
  • This is also helped by the calming centered emotions, alpha people tend not to have powerful emotions but rather centered and centered ones.
  • Reductions of fear, tension, stress,  nervousness, anxiety. That in itself is worth the ‘miracle drug’.
  • Everything seems to ‘flow’. Because you do not have any resistance or problems. Your brain is at optimum stimulation  – you are thinking stress free at a normal speed feeling balanced.
  • Ability to tap “super learning”. This is the name given for the ability to learn quickly and effortlessly, meaning that your brain can remember and recall information ‘effortlessly’. Alpha waves allow the brain to retain large quantities of information, due to the fact that both your hemispheres are integrated and communicating with each other.
  • Improved immune system functions as alpha waves are responsible for increasing your immune system functions.
  • Positive thinking. This comes from being in a state of almost stress free environment with the free-flowing enhanced learning and generally feeling fit. I can tell you from personal experience that whereas before I was a procrastinating poor thinking female that I am now a fully fledged woman a Marketing Dragon soaring high up in the clouds I feel so free and clear thinking I can see like an eagle.
  • Alpha brain waves are a natural antidepressant. Just as when you are pregnant your body releases endomorphines (yes when I was pregnant I was on a constant hit – I loved it!!) when your body gets depressed the serotonin gets to a very low concentration and guess what alpha waves increase the release of this neurotransmitter!!
  • Internal awareness. Alpha increases every thing so as to connect with your self:body:mind.

People with higher alpha brain waves

  • Outgoing and extroverts. If you have more alpha activity then you feel better with yourself and more at ease in public.
  • People who meditate definitely have an increased alpha state and you feel them coming into your brain each time you close your eyes to meditate.
  • As a child you tend to experience much greater activity in the alpha range. As you age the consensus is that people go to the beta waves of stress…

To regain alpha brain waves easily and extremely fast…

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