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So the moral is…

I loved the outcome of this video – did you?

Life’s lessons

These people telling you not to do this, you could have saved that so on and so forth do in general do nothing themselves.

So this short video is very poignant I find and very true to life.


They are everywhere and I have written about them, done whole webinars about them too so there is documentation out there should you need it. And believe you me you shall 😉 Naysayers are basically people who will not educate themselves to a higher realm of life.

So where does that leave me?

Well I would rather drink beer in front of a good webinar, book, documentary film – this could very well look like a blockbuster movie – I learn from everything I do. It is just a way of being for me now.

Should you be in front of the TV then why not get documented about the digital economy? Get a digital education? or just more about personal development? Or you can just stay on the couch watching TV.

The choice is yours