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Wild Children – & – or – Autoract Teachers? (WTAC?!)

Having read an article on Truth Theory dot com a phrase really made me so mad that I must react ‘Some words to the effect of keeping children on brain dope so as to sit through 8 hrs of meanial tasks at school’!! (Meanial for the teacher can not explain it to any one OTHER than the average!)

Wild Children

As I understand it,  ADHD and other such ‘disfunctionments’ of the brain are evolutionary necessities to keep the human race alive and kicking in the new modern age technological world. A friend of mine told me that we get 4.000 information packages (adverts) thrown at us in a day!!! Be it via television, radio, bilboards, magasines, internet etc. So if the ADHD is nature’s way of preserving the human race who in the hell are we to stop her?

Autocrat teachers.

This is where I can understand the fear of the corporates, teachers are included in that batch.  I can only speak for French teachers here for in my era it was totally different, there was no internet for starters! But my 4 children have gone, are in school and are all zebras (high IQ, gifted or the pompous french word of précoce = precocious that’s another rant…) and 2 of them have some sort of disfunctionment as they call it!!! Being adults they know best and are at best, very narrow minded and live by the ‘Sacro Saint’/’Scared’ law of 1954!!! They strike every time there are changes proposed and are archaic with respect to their position in society.  Here they keep the image of central the teacher being the point of knowledge – tis no longer the case…

central hero teacher

central hero teacher

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central hero n men

central hero n kids


see the french live in 1950

see the french live in 1950 – slogan for the lefties.





Teaching and leading by example (entrepreneurial – ish)

And I can understand that they are scared of evolutionary changes for their position would be in jeopardy !!!  It is of course so important to sit still for hours while the despot dictates his law… And being of “precocious” matter, the ADHD children,  are a threat to the teachers position.

Action – showing the way. After all I am an entrepreneur…

I have the privilege of teaching the love of God in a Catholic class of 5 children (almost 1% of the population of my village!).  Having just been baptised (2013) and zeebed (known as gifted… We are called Zebras in France) it was a huge responsability to take on this class but my entrepreneur spirit rose to the challenge and I enjoy it. I value my time with the youngsters of the village (10-12 years old).  So  during the hour and a half, I give Catholic love to my class and since I read that gifted children need to move in order to concentrate I allow movement during the class – much to the annoyed other mothers present – for it is my class!! I am going all out to place my children, who are gifted bundles of love, into a school specialised in gifted children. One teacher was telling me that he knew a particular child had to be reading his book during class – if he took the book away the child just lost the plot and if he let the child read the latter could recite the lesson practically word for word…. I understand this is disconcerting for the teacher but “hell ya!”

And now what?

This is for the government minister and teachers to work out together. We have had some start in France where by the primary school – that never had school on Wednesday (!!) – now have half day and they have installed extra curricular activities tennis, theater, yoga, music, making necklaces… during school hours but not done by the teachers. This is to me a great step forwards and the children of our village have had an excellent year! Phew…

Also I often wonder how can they continue teaching like so when the internet has changed the way we live??? And then there are more and more difunctionments within the children – sometimes I do believe it is due to the additives also but that is another chapter !