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1:400 000 000

1 : 4 000 000 000

That number is too surreal to sink in right? Yet that is the  chance of you being born to your parents in this time frame. So that is just amazing and how come you are not acting out every second of your life as an amazing being?

So you’re  Fù^* ??????

Yes quiet so, I have just listened to Mel Robins’s Ted talk (below) and it is quiet an eye opener……………..

We only have one life you know and yes push it to the maximum and the rewards are fathomless.

I am myself onto a huge goal that I trust you’ll follow so as to not only get inspired but to question me so as I may help you with your huge goals too.

Let’s start by you booking an appointment with me and let’s get this off the ground – time to pull back the sheets…

Does that not just resonate with you? I must admit today, Sunday, I did just throw back the sheets and start my day earlier than normal and here I am at 10 am having meditated over an hour, had a healthy breakfast – just because for once there were fruits in the house other than bananas!!! – and writing up about this post for I listened to it ‘quickly’ whilst having breakfast. You know ‘Oh I’ll put on a Ted Talk rather than the punk rock for tis early and the neighbours may be having a lie in!!’

So I turly hope this makes your day too and that the start of your week will be all the better for it.

Pulling back the sheets whatever it takes ;)

How much is an affiliate marketing site worth?

I’m thinking of buying a website that revolves around affiliate marketing. Some sites that claim to be making $10k+ monthly are advertised for sale ~$5000. How is this possible?
What sort of questions should I be asking the seller? How do i ensure that they follow through with the sale after i pay?

It is your question that troubles me somewhat… If you have some money to invest then why not make your investment on yourself? Why pay to make $10K when you can invest that in you and get 7 figures? Sorry that is what is troubling me!

Should you buy something then for me that is an investment and because recently I have made an investment on myself, I have invested in a digital education. How much is that worth? Well let’s look:

  1. I can now be a consultant to CEOs, business owners, Tradesmen, Artists, entrepreneurs…
    1. On their digital strategy;
    2. On their social media presence;
    3. On their Youtube advertising;
    4. Google Analytics, Adwords;
    5. Facebook advertising;
    6. Instagram…
    7. Give them free marketing stategies;
  2. I can help others in their mind set – we all know the brain is the control centre for emotions and your thoughts become your words and your actions so, in essence -bad words bad action. As entrepreneurs we tend to forget all this, buckle up and head down – not the best way to do things successfully long term. So I created MindSeeds planting the grains to grow successfully long term 🙂
  3. You can also create your own products and services
    1. I can help others create websites
    2. Graphic designs
    3. digital products – I have created a whole courses
  4. You can publish your works on Amazon 😉 (I now have 3 books…)
  5. I can do marketing for companies
    1. Campaigns;
    2. landing pages;
    3. funnels
    4. pixels for tracking
  6. Email marketing

So you see how varied it can become…

I would highly recommend a digital education if only to know the extent of the digital economy and how your skills can be applied 🙂 Or you can gain new skill sets too.

I learned all my skill at this one place – they’re giving 30 day trial bundle ( give it a go and invest in YOU. You too can earn 6–7 figures, the question is are you willing to take the risk? (& for 30 days it’s on us 😉



What are the basics of digital marketing?

To know the basics of digital marketing one must first have some knowledge of the digital economy.

At the very least you should have some knowledge of what you want to market and to whom – or whilst you’re learning you can become an affiliate marketer and just market their products getting your commissions in 😉


First off I would say that you need the following:

  1. A domain name, bought and registered $10 per year;
  2. Web hosting – can vary $10 plus per year;
  3. A wordpress site – this is what is most user friendly and resembles a word doc. You can also add other themes – free;
  4. Something to write about on your website/blog;
  5. Publish your articles;
  6. Syndicate them to social media sites……
  7. Join Facebook groups, forums etc and give value.
  8. Meanwhile back at the ranch, set up the autoresponder sequences using Aweber, Mailchimp…


  1. Determine who you will be writing for, speaking to…
  2. Search for where they will be online;
  3. Look at other authors like yourself;
  4. Get to know your audience;
  5. Know their habits, their language, their likes…..
  6. Ensure your website is congruent with this new information;
  7. Continue to give value.
  8. Continue to broadcast to your list.


  1. Now you have a target audience;
  2. Your keywords;
  3. Your demographic;
  5. Place ads on the chosen platform
    • Facebook;
    • Google Adwords;
    • Youtube;
    • Bing;
    • Yahoo…..
  6. Gather data for a set time;
  7. Analysis of the data;
  8. Sales are happening;
  9. Tweak a word or a colour… to obtain peak performance of your ad.

This is the basics of digital marketing as it stands. What they often do not tell you is the mind is everything – the brain controls it all. If your mind is not solid then you can do…. not much!

So in parallel to all this you must – yes must- do some personal development work and everyone starts with these two giants : download them  here Free Books

Think And Grow Rich – Napolean Hill

The Science Of Getting Rich – Wallace Wattles

Enjoy 🙂

What is the best way to promote my newly started website?

This question is too late! Sorry- the website is part of the strategie not the plate that is put on the table awaiting food to be put into it for the reader to eat….

So it is not the website itself you are promoting, it is it’s content, right? 🙂

The website serves as a window with all your valuable content. Your valuable content has been researched, documented, analysed, words put into phrases to write the articles thus knowing what your target audience is searching for and thus your website is already ranking organically the minute it’s published 😉 SEO and all…

Failing that …

And most people do it this way so please don’t think you are alone here 😉

This is why a digital education is so important to your strategy, for promoting what the website is about. Divine’s answer below is well structured to answer this and I know it to be effective – my clients do it this way before I teach them, as best I can. One client changed his website around and made a digital product going from having just a summer camp (he was a pro baseball player) to having a digital product of his famous throw and now could be serving kids worldwide… But he did the groundwork of getting the education, and we worked then on the strategies, and product launches….

So you see with an education you can completely turn your perspective around, with the skills you have already 🙂 You just need to know how to get them and market them. It takes just a little more than an advert here and there 😉

Should you be interested in gaining some free training please go to my site and sign up to receive the videos chez vous 🙂 Freedom For You in the 21st Century

Enjoy 🙂

What are the best paying affiliate marketing companies that you can join easily?

There are many affiliate companies, the question to ask is rather, what sort of products do I feel comfortable selling? Do I know how to sell these products?

From there you can then research as to which company you want to market for.

There are companies such as clickbank with a range of products;

There are other companies that offer a commission for the sales of their products;

Then there are companies that educate you with an ‘earn as you learn’ business system as you sell their products and earn commissions.

This is the particular model I have chosen for:

  1. They have a great teaching system, by other marketers who are actually running their own business via digital marketing;
  2. They have a ‘done it all for you’ system, what that means is they have websites, landing pages, marketing funnels, lead magnets… all ready for you to use;
  3. The technical side is second to none and every time there is a new product they bring out – we not only get to market it first, we get it for free too!!
  4. Their support system shines – they are people you know and meet so when you ask your question you are talking to some ONE and not just a ticket;
  5. Their community becomes family. Let me elaborate on that for it is one hell of an important point!
    1. People whom you love and trust will become naysayers – you know ‘What are you doing here, with this online stuff?’ ‘Why don’t you get a real job?’ ‘How long before you make real money?’ – so as the community members all get this we know and understand where you are coming from;
    2. The community website is where you can ask help from fellow members and as we are world wide there is always someone there to help you – I recall one dark night as I was toying with HTML (there is none now 😉 ) tearing my hair out just to put an image in my website, I plugged into the community and asked if there was … As it happens there was a programmer in Australia (so mid day for him!) and we got it sussed within minuites (ahh 😀 );
    3. We all want to provide value to the marketplace and help our fellow humans gain this FREEDOM we have from all constraints;
    4. The biggest freedom is from ourselves with all the mind work we do together and alone. (This is why I created MindSeeds, so as to help more and more);
    5. I could go on and on here but you get the gist! <3
  6. Their events are over the top, service like never – stuffed with all sorts of goodies at various times and the content… Words fail me

As you can tell I am infatuated with this system that has given me so much from which I have grown so. How can I fail to sell and in passing get my commission?

Get more information on this website Freedom For You in the 21st Century

with love

What would you advice a person who just started affiliate marketing?

Hi. Again and again when this question is asked I retort with another question:

If you start a job – what is the first thing you do?

  • Generally someone shows you the ropes;
  • You get a referee to go to in case of need;
  • And you have co-workers peers to help you with the everyday mundane stuff.

So why should it be different as an affiliate?

  • Get an education;
  • Get mentorship;
  • Surround yourself with a community of like minded individuals 🙂

In the answers below they all have valid points, and I was fortunate enough to find all three of the above in one company.

    1. For me this is first and foremost. I may have many degrees and love to study, I like to go into ventures prepared…
    2. You can not go into battle as the commanding officer and be the soldier, right? The top army guy has taken years in the field, and before that studied at a military school right? 🙂
    3. Marketing, as a college degree is a minimum of 3 years study course. Online and as a practitioner there is no faster way to learn. For this your budget needs to be in the millions. Obviously this can not be and so most affiliates give up with this venture and try another – loosing all their learnt skills and living the catch 22 live!!!
  2. So leverage that with A MENTOR – he has the ground work and the millions.
      1. This does not mean you get his millions in your account –
      2. it does mean that his experience will save you millions!!
    1. Learning marketing is a SKILL that is needed of course. But whilst you’re knee deep in marketing funnels, autoresponders, websites, landing pages and the like there is a system that has it all done for you –
    2. the digital education is there – on a platform in a back office (I love to say that even today – feel like a million dollar trader 😉
    3. So this EARN AS YOU LEARN business system means that they have all the training you need and the pages, websites etc there all you have to do is learn from the mentors and implement what they teach you.
    4. Oh did I mention that they are still marketing? So when Google, Facebook, Bing etc change an algorithm they are also hit by the change. Their expertise does make the learning curve of getting back up and running so much faster, for they are doing it too and have much more experience than you do as a beginner!!
  3. THE COMMUNITY of like minded individuals.
    1. Oh my do not get me started here or I shall never stop!!
    2. The importance of this is vital and too often overlooked.
    3. Not only can you ask newbie questions to your fellow affiliate members, but you can also get to mastermind with them in smaller groups.
    4. The power of this is immense – leaders LEARN, IMPLEMENT, TEACH and we get to do all that not only with our teams but also with our peers… Gratitudes or what <3



In its bare bones. Should you want to look at this business model you can test drive here for a full month… But I would recommend you really work hard during these 30 days for they are guaranteed to change your life – should you let them… After all isn’t that why we all want to have a digital lifestyle?!