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What would you advice a person who just started affiliate marketing?

Hi. Again and again when this question is asked I retort with another question:

If you start a job – what is the first thing you do?

  • Generally someone shows you the ropes;
  • You get a referee to go to in case of need;
  • And you have co-workers peers to help you with the everyday mundane stuff.

So why should it be different as an affiliate?

  • Get an education;
  • Get mentorship;
  • Surround yourself with a community of like minded individuals 🙂

In the answers below they all have valid points, and I was fortunate enough to find all three of the above in one company.

    1. For me this is first and foremost. I may have many degrees and love to study, I like to go into ventures prepared…
    2. You can not go into battle as the commanding officer and be the soldier, right? The top army guy has taken years in the field, and before that studied at a military school right? 🙂
    3. Marketing, as a college degree is a minimum of 3 years study course. Online and as a practitioner there is no faster way to learn. For this your budget needs to be in the millions. Obviously this can not be and so most affiliates give up with this venture and try another – loosing all their learnt skills and living the catch 22 live!!!
  2. So leverage that with A MENTOR – he has the ground work and the millions.
      1. This does not mean you get his millions in your account –
      2. it does mean that his experience will save you millions!!
    1. Learning marketing is a SKILL that is needed of course. But whilst you’re knee deep in marketing funnels, autoresponders, websites, landing pages and the like there is a system that has it all done for you –
    2. the digital education is there – on a platform in a back office (I love to say that even today – feel like a million dollar trader 😉
    3. So this EARN AS YOU LEARN business system means that they have all the training you need and the pages, websites etc there all you have to do is learn from the mentors and implement what they teach you.
    4. Oh did I mention that they are still marketing? So when Google, Facebook, Bing etc change an algorithm they are also hit by the change. Their expertise does make the learning curve of getting back up and running so much faster, for they are doing it too and have much more experience than you do as a beginner!!
  3. THE COMMUNITY of like minded individuals.
    1. Oh my do not get me started here or I shall never stop!!
    2. The importance of this is vital and too often overlooked.
    3. Not only can you ask newbie questions to your fellow affiliate members, but you can also get to mastermind with them in smaller groups.
    4. The power of this is immense – leaders LEARN, IMPLEMENT, TEACH and we get to do all that not only with our teams but also with our peers… Gratitudes or what <3



In its bare bones. Should you want to look at this business model you can test drive here for a full month… But I would recommend you really work hard during these 30 days for they are guaranteed to change your life – should you let them… After all isn’t that why we all want to have a digital lifestyle?!

What is the effect of the parents’ socioeconomic background on their child’s academic achievement?

What a good question and I can only answer it from my point of view for I have not done enough research and it really reminds me of degree type questions…. 😉

I believe that the socioeconomic background has an enormous influence on the child’s academic achievements. We shall leave aside the odd farmer’s son who goes to Harvard if you will! We shall also leave aside the fact that some high IQ children (and thus parents) come from the ruralist areas, thus we shall really talk about the majority of cases.

I think we all have knowledge and a brain to begin with that is NOT the same, we are not all equal and to make everyone fit into a particular mould is wrong – again my view. We can however all shine at various levels, can we not? And I believe it is this that is important here, in life.

In this digital economy that is coming upon us like a tidal wave, we know nothing about anything! This ‘old’ school question is not of the essence of life today. For perhaps things that were of “lower” socioeconomic standing yesterday is of better use tomorrow.

That being said i believe academic achievement is also dinosaur age 😉

Gone are the days of Oxbridge or Ivy leagues or Grandes Ecoles ruling the place, now college dropouts are making things happen – Sir Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, and even my mentor Jay Kubassek & Stuart Ross!!

The really lovely thing about the new digital economy is that it is one of exchange and giving value. The more value you give the bigger the paycheck – that you write yourself, no longer dependent on a boss!!

You are dependent thought on education still – to learn will not go away. And you can learn many different ways so I believe the socioeconomic background of the parents to not really be such an issue as before. Everything will be online, and most importantly it will all depend on YOU and your soul. This has been so neglected of late that any ‘bizarre’ kid will stand their chance, and more 🙂

So I suggest you look up this digital economy stuff on my website and make a new life for yourself – be prepared though to have amazing paradigm shifts!

Enjoy the journey

Bon voyage


How the eclipses can alter your marketing.

Marketing Moon?

It may seem bizarre that the astres have any influence on us at all – let alone our marketing. If you are like my father, a 70 year old early age computer geek (he put computers into banks – the hippie era with wild hair and shaggy coats, not to mention the furry boots – but I digress.. So if you’re like my Dad all this moon, sun, eclipse stuff is just laughable, no concrete facts. Well for starters he is not a woman who swings with the moon once a month, nor the tides who also swing with the moon… Even though all humans are 70% water… And all humans are influenced by the moon – the question is whether they believe it or not!

Well I have felt that 2017 was going to be very special for me, and its starts in February when there is a very strong new moon and the solar eclipse which was yesterday. I was mesmerised by it, could not not follow it and even went to get my old computer out so as to follow the moments of the planets live as I worked on my new MacBook Air <3

Marketing Sun?

During the passing of the moon, you could just see the heat waves leaving the sun, again this had my mind in boiling mode just from watching it leave a planet so far away and yet we can not even look it in the eye… This planet heats us, feeds our plants thus our primal food source and it is being hidden behind the moon, the water controler… This just had me in a creative space and all these ideas coming up – nothing to do with marketing, yet I could feel their impact on me.

Marketing ‘tout court’?

Whilst all this is going on – and I urge you to look at the screen shots I finally took, and bear with me here… Stars, Galaxies, Planets that’s what you are looking at, not just the sun and moon. Humungus unfathomable amounts of atoms, heat liberated from what kind of reactions?! And the moon plodding along its orbit hiding this mammoth???!!

Esoteric meanings…?!

Esoteric as an adverb means intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest. So this is why my Dad is just laughing about it 😉

Here is a brilliant article on it

“Solar eclipses give us the energetic push we need so that we manifest the fresh starts we have been trying to create and so that we listen to, and trust, our soul’s knowledgable whispers. Eclipses are a reminder that our soul is aware of our destiny and inherently knows which roads will lead to true love and the fulfillment of our mission and purpose.

If we are willing to pay attention and work with the cosmic energy this eclipse cycle, it will be beneficial for our evolution and will be profoundly healing. To heal our emotional injuries, we need to focus on nourishing the rejected, unloved and unaccepted aspects of our selves by calling and embracing forgiveness, sensitivity, compassion and empathy.”

“The New Moon and eclipse arrive together to illuminate the need to let go of old trauma so that painful wounds can be soothed and healed and our energy can focus on creating new, healthy loving experiences.”

Because the eclipse is happening in Pieces ”

“The most important thing to remember is that with Pisces, Neptune and the solar eclipse absolutely anything is possible. Those who question whether magic exists will catch themselves thinking again as they won’t be able to find logical explanations for the mystical events taking place throughout this period.”

“We will discover that we have been carrying around a lot of heavy, emotional energy that belongs to our friends, lovers or relatives and we will recognize that it is time to off-load it and to stop feeling responsible for how other people feel.”

These are just snippets of information from the article to make you realise how big this eclipse was.

Yes quiet so, now the results…

Today I have already done an amazing amount of work.

It was befitting that my soon to be divorced from husband called during the last 30 minutes of the eclipse. I told him that what goes on in his family had finally made me realise that these were of lower vibrational issues that I would not mix with people who brought me down like that any longer. Yes my feelings remained intact but my soul could not mix with them any more. Ghost rested.

As I was explaining this – very calmly, he started saying something and immediately I was taken aback 8 years and but into that corner… I cut him off, politely feeling so calm, saying that he also must look into the words he uses for his words were of this world yes, and as an esoteric believer just by definition I was in a minority but that his words and phrases were very much putting me in a box and making him shine, whereas the truth of the matter was quite the reverse. So could he please also become aware of the situation and know the truth with a capital T. No his words were incorrect and he totally saw what I was saying – he will work on it. This unburdened me so much that there are no words, just actions soul deep and freeing;

  • I hope the above article you shall read,
  • I hope the eclipse has cleaned your soul out also;
  • I pray for your creative streak to be awakened;
  • I am on the path now to marketing geniusness;
  • Watch out for here I come 😀

Should you not know where to start or what to do, I suggest you get my latest book to help you along on the mindset skills and also may I suggest that you become a real marketer, one that offers value to the marketplace, one that offers skills and knowledge that I have worked hard for, brushed myself off and got up again for,

Should you want to become a marketer here is an article I wrote yonder back about ways in which the internet could help you earn money :