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Why digital is a Must Have Business Model in the 21st Century, or 5 reasons digital IS IT

Why digital is a must have business model in the 21st Century

5 reasons digital is it …

Digital has grown so much that it is imperative you get on the band wagon especially in this century – the 21st century.

1.Leverage Digital or Go Bust!

During this past few months large corporations have gone bust because they knew not how to leverage the internet! Companies such as ToysRUs, Minolta, Blockbuster, Polaroid (making a comeback but taking declines!), Kodak (1888-…) back in the day had to sell out to ………… Apple, Microsoft…, and even companies that sold computer parts Iomega (Zip drives), Palm (digital agendas),…..

Whilst others thrive online selling multiple items – Amazon to name but one!

So you, as the non digital proficient, not really knowing how to tag along and not having a clue about Facebook ads, let alone Google, Bing, Yahoo or YouTube ones and this idea of a business online just escapes you. These are terms you hear of all the time but concretely what does that mean an online business?

2. A Digital Business Model

Now according to Google “Digital Businesses” use technology to create new value in business models, customer experiences and the internal capabilities that support its core operations. The term includes both digital-only brands and traditional players that are transforming their businesses with digital 


There are of course also many strategies that can be put in place and when companies like Pepsi – who was the first to step down from the TV commercial spot on the Super Bowl in favour of Facebook advertising – a tidal wave effect was felt in the online world! And Pepsi went on to describe how this was much more effective as they could also communicate directly with their customers and potential buyers… Gold dust at a fraction of the price if you compare the cost of Super Bowl time and a Facebook Ad campaign ^;^

All this in turn starts a new type of economy…. Not only for the countries but also for the individuals ^;^

3. No Capped Earnings?

Because your clients no longer have any restriction, with respect to opening hours or proximity you can leverage the bonus of the WORLD WIDE WEB. I feel this is often over looked – the world at your fingertips… Hence a digital presence is vital.

So this is why the saying ‘make money in your sleep’ can be true – no – is true! You see your web presence, and that is totally up to you, how it is done there is not a right way or a wrong way (but there is a strategy once you choose!) So as your digital YOU is ‘on’/open 24/7/365 as long as there is an internet connection, clients may reach out to you, or simply buy. And let’s face it when you buy from Amazon say, you do your due diligence, you shop around and then you buy… So Why Amazon? Even if it is slightly more expensive? Even if they are out of stock? Well Amazon does everything tailored to the customer experience… In its origins it sold books… So if Amazon had not had an amazing customer experience, you probably would not have gone back, right? But they deliver – fast, wherever they can; they ask no questions if you bought the wrong item – send it back, on us, and we shall either exchange or reimburse you! Smooth…. So why go elsewhere?

4. A Skillset You Absolutely Can Learn ^;^

This is ephemera  and remains people fickle so beware.

Now we really are back to the age where customers are kings!

In 2019 you have just 3 seconds let’s count  1001, 1002, 1003 yup that’s it! So 3 seconds to tell people about your product or service and if they are not interested they move off your ad, your site, your post, your video…

So yes this is a skill and like all skills it can be mastered. This takes time and practice. You are building a business, so treat it as such and do the work now, be the brave soul that transforms from an employee mindset to an entrepreneur one, and you will be rewarded more than you can imagine from your current position. This may mean giving up the Friday night outings, the many lunches at the local café, the Starbucks every morning…. But hec do you want it? Again no right or wrong only you can feel that drive in your gut, only you can feel those butterflies at the idea of ……. (fill in the blank – flying 1st class, with all the family; earning over 50K per month; buying the dream holiday home, dream car(s), paying that school for the kids, having silk shirts only, building your own dream, not having an office cubicle, traveling when you want, having a yacht, a jet, The Jets!!!)

The going gets tough so you must have the yearning deep, deep down or else you’ll give up. Words an entrepreneur never says by the way.

So yes learn the skill set and whilst there are many universities and colleges that teach this now, I feel the professors are a little out of touch. The digital world is changing constantly and unless you are in the trenches whilst you are teaching, you are not giving the whole picture. Just last year for instance people stayed on your site at least 5 seconds, so the whole arena was different. Today Google is constantly updating its algorithm, as are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and if you are not posting on these platforms every day, you do not know what is going on really!

The digital skillset must be given by some one who is perfecting theirs. One never arrives digitally, one is constantly bettering oneself… ^;^ and that’s why I love it!

5. Where to Get Informed…

So this is where the points above all come together and whilst you do your own due diligence, that I highly recommend you do! This will become your business, a digital presence, an online world is opening up to you perhaps so please look before you leap, research, research and ask questions to the person who you may think is right for you. Should this person for example just sell their sh^t then no, I would not go with that person – I want someone to answer my questions first, talk to me as a person and not a $20 sale!!!

So I re iterate my intention – do your research. Please!

You should immediately feel it ‘Ah yes, they are different. I can see they care about me, my journey and how I perceive them.’

And whilst you’re doing this due diligence take notes – at every step, what words are you typing in the url bar? What site appeals to you and why? Colours, images, slogans? What are you really looking for? What are you hoping to find? What are  your aspirations?

So even before you start – look inside yourself and ask questions to get onto the web that’s the start.

You can find me here.

Should you be a complete novice then go here.  This is where I learned all my online skills and this is why I can safely say that they are where it’s at.

Should you want a strategy call to further along your business – or even business idea find me here (please note Digital21stC in the comments section of your booking). 


So do you see how it is important…

that digital is a must have business model in the 21st Century… & 

5 reasons digital is it …

Action, Imperfect Is Best

 Action – Imperfect Gets You Started!

The definition of action is the fact or process of doing something, typically to achieve an aim. So what is the purpous of your action? What are you aiming for? Whether it is to get people to your website, to book a call, to give you their email the aim of your action here, is for the other person to take it, so you must make it compelling enough for them to do that.

Now let me ask you a question.

If you take no action how do you know what will move the other person to take action themselves?

I hope here you see the benefits of taking imperfect action… You can tweak what you write, how you express yourself, the images you use these action steps are all going to get you to find out what makes your audience take action – either by going to your website, giving you their email, signing up for the webinar…

By taking action you also know on which metric to focus your attention…

Any action means you will have some data to analyse – numbers with witch to play with – be they followers on Instagram, fans on Facebook, Subscribers on YouTube… at least you can see those and then know which one is more important to you. Subscribers on your email list may be high but if they are not interacting with your mails by opening them, commenting then having a high number is of no interest! In the old days the adage was $1 per subscriber on your list (email list) but not anymore! So what will be your metrics?

Take action – imperfect action and tell me 😉

Accountability Partner

Accountability Partners.

If there is one thing I have learnt during my years online is that nothing teaches you like masterminding with an accountability partner. These can be random people you meet online, at an event, or part of the same group sessions you’ve booked with a mentor for X months where the accountability partner is assigned to you.


Rules with accountability partners.

  • Meet with your accountability partner once a week,
  • Set intentions – 3 maximum as more is unreal,
  • If for some reason you two can not meet – make sure to quickly reinstall the weekly meetings (we stopped for Christmas and the New Year as our days fell on those actual holidays but I really missed talking to her and setting those goals – and to restart the meetings could have easily not taken place, but we both were determined to remain accountability partners).
  • Really ensure that the meetings get re-installed quickly.


Results with accountability partners.

The fact that you have weekly meetings with your accountability partner means that the really important things that move your business forwards are pushed to the forefront of the agenda. One must recall the accountability partner, is a person you do not really know and this person is NOT your friend, so like you takes time out of his agenda to meet with you – phone, live, ‘Skype’ whatever…. This reinforces the fact that these points on the agenda, then get done because there are only so many times you can say ‘Oh no I didn’t do that’ and be meat with an ‘Oh… Alright then!’ I recall this is what pushed me to make those 10 cold calls that I had meant to have done all week. The talk in my mind went something like this ‘Oh no, I call Steve, my accountability partner in 30 mins’ gulp, cold sweat… I know I have not done those calls… NO I just can’t face him and tell him again that I did not do it! And in the next 10 minutes I dialed those 10 numbers, totally confident and free of stress, as I was just imagining telling Steve that I had done it!


Why chose an accountability partner?

Perception changes and the pressure is high vis-à-vis of your accountability partner and then the task at hand becomes doable!!

Pain, Power, Control…


Grow from your pain!
Control your thoughts, or they will control you!
​​​​​​​Pain is factual for a millisecond, yes
anything after that is a choice.
Now hear me out…
Choice may not be conscious but it is still a choice.
So rewire your way of choosing!
1. write down everyday certain aspects you’d like to change
  • for example if you want to loose weight just say ‘I weigh X kg now’
  • ‘I am worth 7 million today, tomorrow MORE’
  • ‘I have just done a transaction for 30 units (apartment blocks) worth X millions’
  • or whatever it is you want to have, or be.
2. Write down every day 3 things you’d like (perhaps from the list above) or
  • I have made 5 super calls this morning
  • I now have 10 new fans in my Facebook Group
  • My Instagram post has got me 3 DM’s leading to Calls..
And keep this up for at least 30 days and then we’ll see if this pain is now a significant part of your life….
Again not belittling it at all but for me I have found that this helps put things into perspective.
Happy to be back at work after your 4th of July?

Happy to be back at work after your 4th of July?

I trust you had a good day yesterday, on the happy independence day 4th of July.

Independence is a noun and according to the definition of
  • freedom from outside control or support : the state of being independent

  • the time when a country or region gains political freedom from outside control.

So you have spent all day celebrating freedom from outside control…

And today, the 5th July, you have to go back to work….

Take a minute to think about that. Let’s re-examine the situation here…

You just celebrated the 4th of July, freedom from outside control, right?

So the country gave you freedom to have time – a paid day of work – time with which you do what you want.

So on the 4th of July 2017  you were free to do as you pleased whilst money was coming into your bank account.

Welcome to the digital economy 😉 This is my way of life now… 
But before I was in the traditional economy like this…  So let’s analyse that for a bit shall we?
  • It was expected to from childhood:
    • Get good grades
    • do well in sports
    • ok odds are that you can’t really do both so well
    • go to college
    • get a good starting job
    • work your way up corporate ladder
    • marry
    • have kids
    • buy a house
    • save for kids education
    • kids off to college
    • and the whole cycle repeats itself over and over
  • In the traditional economy things went by at a slower pace and so new technologies and discoveries were slower, even with computers about in the later part of the ‘traditional economy’.
  • as this ‘traditional economy’ is slowly ebbing away leaving room for the digital economy we are left in the area I call no man’s land  (from border crossing zones yes).

This no man’s land – what is it?

Where traditional economy is being replaced by the digital economy. The transfer from one economy to the other, traditional to digital, can be prepared for the tidal wave is coming – ride it or be crushed by it. But please, please KNOW IT IS COMING, get informed about it and receive it with open arms 🙂

Here is a story about a company that chose to ignore it (as many did in the biginning of the transfer period):

The transfer has been brutal in some companies, for example Kodak. When I was growing up Kodak was the leader in photography equipment, films, photo paper… When the digital camera came into the marketplace Kodak did not think it could be reduced to zero by anything let alone some ‘camera’ not even producing any tangible, palpable content i.e. photographs to feel, touch, see clearly. What Kodak did not foresee was the multitude of software that would develop from that to enhance the image – photoshop, Adobe, paint………..  It did not foresee either, nor did many of us, the ways in which these digital products would take the world by strom, via apps such as Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Google could help share these digital images so fast – instantly in fact! 

So Kodak went bankrupt and off the scene…

So on this 4th of July independence ( freedom from outside control ) let’s reflect…

WHY is it you work?

Now I can’t say I hear very often that it is for the love of the job, that became extinct with ages ago… But perhaps you are the odd one and that yes you love your job. I am so happy for you – truly – you are a minority.
Most of you will tell me however,
  1. ‘I have bills to pay’
  2. I have loans to repay
    1. for the car,
    2. fridge,
    3. washing machine
    4. computer
    5. phone
    6. tv
    7. sound system
    8. pool
    9. digital equipment
    10. wedding
    11. pet bills……..
  3. I have a mortgage,
  4. I have a family to support
  5. I have to keep up with the Jones’s
  6. So you see I can’t just give up my job – and besides to do what?
Now to do all this is very commendable and honourable but let’s be serious here a minute


I understand that you are doing all this because you followed what your elders told you (indoctrination from the crib!) and they only knew to do what the traditional economy dictated.

But not you

You are in the transitional economy and can be part of the digital economy, riding the wave.
Yes it is effing scary
‘Making money whilst you sleep?’     How can you do that????
Learning a new skill?                           I was never no good in school
Marketing?                                            Woo that is for sharks I want no part in that thanks…
Mindset work?                                      For goodness sakes that’s for woosies
Meditation?                                           Get real (Yet all billionaires do meditate!)
Right I’m off not reading anymore!!     Go to the end – I dare you !

Stop right there

But now my question for you:

Is your pay at the end of the month so worth your time?

So should you be interested in finding out how to get involved in the transition from traditional to digital economy,

Should you be willing to work hard (aren’t you already?) and learn new skills by people who have done it before and still doing it (not some school room teacher telling you about stuff used yeon’s ago now extinct 😉

Should you be willing to sacrifice some time (like stop being a couch tv potato and learning stuff)

Should you be willing to have the patience to give yourself space (well before Netflix we used to wait for episodes…)

Should you be willing to have the chance to offer your family and yourself the life you only see on tv and in your dreams…

Should you be willing to ride the wave (tidal economical digital wave) that is coming before it drowns you (like Kodak)

Should you be willing to dare to dream it is possible – for it is a reality in my world

Then get some real, live information and inform your self of this possibility

Click to get some video documentation – “Look, listen and learn” (Kevin Spacey’s line in a film – I forget the name but mind blowing I recall!)