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DEA Overview Simple

The DEA Digital Experts Academy is as you know an online course, so to speak.

It is divided into 4 levels:

  1. DEA Overview  – Mindset Level – SILVERIt all starts in the mind and I have found that this is learning to love yourself first and foremost!  For this you must face and conquer all your demons, however big or small they may be (for some it may be facing the video camera, others calling….).  Then you can ‘assume’ all risk undertaken for your business venture;
  2. DEA Overview  – Marketing Level – GOLDHere marketing gets a new ‘coat of arms’ for you are a new Chevalier brave, bold and brazen remaining in humble service to your prospects/clients.  They flock to you for you can now speak to them, solve their problems they are in gratituditude (is that a word?? no I like to invent my own!!!)
  3. DEA Overview  – Branding Level – PLATINUMHere you get to brand yourself, the entrepreneurial you that now shines, through the thick and thin you have made it!  So speak now or forever hold your piece!
  4. DEA Overview  – Partnership Level – BLACKThis is the summit of the mountain, DEA partners with you. This means that your branding has lead to products you have produced and they are worthy of the ‘Royal’ seal of approval if you like.
This is my interpretation and understanding so bear with me here would you!

 So once you have the mindset you can be let loose onto the marketing scene! This is why to be part of SFM is vital, and at Elite level to maximize your chances, as at SFM you get to use the Business Model, their Marketing System whereby you ‘Earn as you Learn’.