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What are the basics of digital marketing?

To know the basics of digital marketing one must first have some knowledge of the digital economy.

At the very least you should have some knowledge of what you want to market and to whom – or whilst you’re learning you can become an affiliate marketer and just market their products getting your commissions in 😉


First off I would say that you need the following:

  1. A domain name, bought and registered $10 per year;
  2. Web hosting – can vary $10 plus per year;
  3. A wordpress site – this is what is most user friendly and resembles a word doc. You can also add other themes – free;
  4. Something to write about on your website/blog;
  5. Publish your articles;
  6. Syndicate them to social media sites……
  7. Join Facebook groups, forums etc and give value.
  8. Meanwhile back at the ranch, set up the autoresponder sequences using Aweber, Mailchimp…


  1. Determine who you will be writing for, speaking to…
  2. Search for where they will be online;
  3. Look at other authors like yourself;
  4. Get to know your audience;
  5. Know their habits, their language, their likes…..
  6. Ensure your website is congruent with this new information;
  7. Continue to give value.
  8. Continue to broadcast to your list.


  1. Now you have a target audience;
  2. Your keywords;
  3. Your demographic;
  5. Place ads on the chosen platform
    • Facebook;
    • Google Adwords;
    • Youtube;
    • Bing;
    • Yahoo…..
  6. Gather data for a set time;
  7. Analysis of the data;
  8. Sales are happening;
  9. Tweak a word or a colour… to obtain peak performance of your ad.

This is the basics of digital marketing as it stands. What they often do not tell you is the mind is everything – the brain controls it all. If your mind is not solid then you can do…. not much!

So in parallel to all this you must – yes must- do some personal development work and everyone starts with these two giants : download them  here Free Books

Think And Grow Rich – Napolean Hill

The Science Of Getting Rich – Wallace Wattles

Enjoy 🙂

Uninspired Marketing!

Uninspired Marketing!

Off Days/ Days Off .  Errrr what??

Well don’t you ever have them? I surely do but I know that the lifestyle I live I could not live if I had a normal 9-5 job. So what if I must write a blog post on a day when my whole world is caving in? Perhaps I may share it with those who read my blog and possibly it will help others plough on through then why not?



Feel Like That?

When you do feel like nothing is going your way, when “Darn it why bother?” This is the time to absolutely take note, take stead and write things down! This is the time when your feelings will be in the flow and you will find things out about yourself that either you took for granted, never thought important, never even noticed – these are the golden nuggets that you should not only be taking into your every once of your brain but also using into your marketing.

These are marketing nuggets.

Why? Because these are the people you can relate to, the people you can care about honestly say to them “I was there too, and look where I was and where I am now!” They learn to like you and will trust you. Thant is when you can learn to communicate with them. Blissitude

How to do this?

To get the Rolls Royce of  marketing I have been fortunate enough to be guided to the best:

Six  Figure  Mentors

If you also want to have a Business System that can be automated  then I highly suggest you take a look. You shall have to apply, for this is an invite only club of Elite Marketers .  But for now, please feel free to browse around, due your due diligence and contact me (skype catpayen at Bordeaux) if you have any questions 🙂

Nerve to Stand Out Any One?

Dare to be different, Balls to do it …

Balls to standout?

Balls to standout?


We all have the chance to do it,
for we are all different!


But few would be on the bottom line there…

That’s courrage, guts STRENGTH



This is marketing at its best!

But who actually does stand out? Generally it’s the people who have been in the game long enough to not only understand the complete implications of this but also because these marketers know that to add value costs, initially! Whether it is time, money or both!  That is why we get the constant

  • ‘So when do you get a real job?’
  • ‘So you’re still training?’
  • ‘How much did you make this month, ok ok last month then…’
  • ‘So how long have you been doing this online stuff…’
  • ‘So another training? ‘
  • The list goes on and on…

So you see we already are different and we already do stand out in a crowd!

There is a lot to learn, people go to universities and take a 3 year degree course, are they constantly asked the questions above? I think not! They are congratulated for the hours they put in – the total opposite of us, as initially this is time away from your family. “But you said this would bring us freedom!” This is generally what we hear and at all times, including 3 am or 4 am when the webinars finish!

So courrageous or what?

If it is natural then you grow up with it and your marketing will be amazing for you have certain qualities that make the marketer in you shine, whether it is because you are used to being “knocked down” your reflexes to get up again are inbred almost now, perhaps you grew up with a sibling who was in the above category so you too get resilient. Of course to be a marketer of any caliber humility a must!

Perhaps you are ‘a little monkey’ …



what Ever your talent please just make sure you use it and use it wisely. This in itself will make you stand out.


The best and surest way to do this is to use the Marketing Business Model (automated yes!) of the Six Figure Mentors (SFM), you really owe it to yourself, first and foremost to blossom out.

Get some information about the SFM and hope to God that your application gets approved.


Marketing via Health goals too

Marketing via Health goals too

Health is all.

Once you have your health taken from you then your realisation is that it was so vital to your well being, just your being I would say.  I have been a spiritual person since birth, and can not live my life on any other terms now.  By that I mean that I have come to realise that I end up surrounding myself with people who think the same!


My choice had been marketing, drawn inexplicably to it by its uses of all areas of the brain, the research, the creativity, the wording, the scope, the analysis, the tweaking and the pay back if your voice is heard by the right people…

The only thing that I did not like was the infamous ‘shark like attitude I would surely have to adopt’, that was so not like me! I live with pink fluffy unicorns, fairies, magicians, witches, wisdom, souls, atoms and energies! None of this techno gargon ‘PPC’, margins, returns on investments or ROI (French for king :D) or any other type of marketing language.  So it was on a cold rainy November night at 3 am that I sat in the cold cold house, before we got the fire place working, that I had my first webinar. This was completely new to me and for me, click on the link and be taken to a place where hundreds or thousands of people would log on and listen to the same person talking, teaching us his findings. I was terrified that the internet would give out, that there would be a big gust of wind and I’d loose my so weak connection (512Ko). Eventually the time was that it went live.  For the first 20 minutes, yes twenty minutes this man kept telling us ‘…what wonderful beings we were’ and how ‘…we were exactly at the right time in the right place.’, ‘…as marketers we must first think of our minds, souls and take care of our bodies, producing better energies thus giving us better results!’

So this was for real! I could keep my unicorns and learn about ROI, KPI and the likes – this was going to be fun afterall….

A Present for Your Future… only of use to true Marketing Master

Here is a free gift that propels you into the future 😀

Download it here.



Are you a true Marketing Master?

If you know marketing then you can but be enamor by it, live it, breathe it, eat it, sleep it… AND enjoy it.

Marketing is essentially five steps and that is my second present to you 🙂 but for that wait till tomorrow … 😉



Getting to Peace via vibrating atoms and bonds !

Peace 700+

All that follows is to enable the marketer to come from a place of pure serenity, calm understanding of his market, client’s expectations and how to fulfill them!



In one of my previous article about atoms  I explain that my chemistry degree aides me greatly in seeing every thing as atoms, vibrations, frequencies and energy.  When atoms unite they do so via bonds (see diagram) and this either needs energy or releases energy. Once they are together they form a molecule. This has a vibration energy at which it is stable.

Thus as we are all made up of molecules and atoms, in fact everything is made up of atoms, we all vibrate at a certain frequency.  This is for me a fact and a scientific one with experiments, data and results to  make it REAL. So I see in terms of atoms and vibrational energies.

For example: I became vegetarian just prior to starting a family and for me when the time came to nourish the children with food (after the milk phase), in order to form the building blocks of their bodies – the cells, I saw the food as a vibrating atom/molecule.  As I think that the animals go to the abattoir in rather stressful conditions I see the end resulting meat as not vibrating in its optimum state, it was just not possible for me to have these atoms as part of their biological makeup!

This is all factual and assez scientific, the physical side of our being. I believe we live in 3 planes at once, the first one is the physical, the second the mental -brain – neuroscience, and the third is the spiritual now being verified with quantum physics. I shall be doing weekly articles on these subjects and suggest you do your own Google research for I am sure that the conversation we shall have will be richer for you and me – if you leave your comments 🙂

Mind Seeds Mulch.

I formed my own group Mind Seeds, the name came from a mastermind with members of this group within the SFM community as Mind Set made some of them think of cement setting for good! Whereas mind set really is anything but that! So we came up with Mind Seeds.

Mind Seeds, whose mission is to empower people with knowledge thus helping them to think outside the box and from there make an informed decision.  Generally once you have embarked on the upward spiral there is no looking back for who wants to remain in hell when the gates of heaven are just there awaiting you to cross the line?  To get a better understanding see diagram below and for me hell is equivalent to the contracting energies (guilt, anger, fear…..) and the doors of heaven open up at expanding energies (love, joy, gratitude….)

This is of course all my own experiences and the tools I gained along the way are treasures you can also (and I recommend you do) read, listen to and perhaps I may suggest you start here  free books section?

I leave with you the picture below of the ultimate consciousness so as you may find out where you vibrate. Should you so wish I do Google Hangouts to help you move up the ladder : Register here, see past sessions here:

Ultimate Conciousness

Ultimate Conciousness