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Which is the best website to rent out expensive toys?

First off it all depends on what you mean with exactly expensive toys…

These could be anything from:

  • Brio trains (which when my kids were little -about 20 years ago) which were wooden these sets would eventually add up quickly to the hundreds of Euros;
  • To Robotic toys which cost thousands in themselves;
  • Collector item toys…

So ideally you should have lots of pages on your website to cover each niche and toy.

To know what your audience is asking for, the questions that may be they are looking to answer, in what stage of the buying cycle they are at… ALl these questions and much more is known as market research.

Once you have all the answers to questions your niche is asking:

  1. you BUILD the website.
    1. Remember that websites are living ‘pages’ and posts, they are not static as once were, they have evolved 😉
    2. Images for expensive toys must be of excellent quality;
    3. Give a chic – simple and bare – look to your website for easy flow of the end user (the customer);
    4. Have content the user can use with their children by guiding them to ask the child which colour is prefered etc…
    5. Because you have researched the information clients are looking to answer you have tons of articles to write up – content is flowing. Not to panic at the thought of tons of articles to write up for if you know your customers are looking for wooden trains, let’s say, then you have types of wooden trains Brio, Thomas the Tank engin, Ikea even all these can be quickly compared with photos and comments should you not feel up to writing 500 words or so 😉
  2. You must constantly be interacting with your audience on social media
    1. One account for each toy for you can not talk to a collectioner as you talk to someone buying AI toys, or play stations….
    2. Images used in the articles can be reposted on social media especially Instagram
    3. When visiting places that sell the toy in question a quick snapchat, instagram, facebook, twitter etc it only takes a couple of minutes to go through your accounts quickly on a mobile… You can also stock up on shots around Christmas time….
  3. Follow up with emails. This is often greatly overlooked and it is such a shame for once you have the person’s email then you can talk to them and post your articles to them directly, providing value at all times builds trust. Once trust is there then sales occur more happily than without it. And rarely do people buy first off now, they research content and information. Be that person.

These are just a few examples and I hope they give you an insight into how to make your own best website – otherwise you can have a window on Amazon which we do have a course on. Very detailed information is obtained from someone who has been doing this for over a decade so he knows his stuff, potholes to avoid and how to best negotiate with various wholesalers so that as you are using the vocabulary of a regular you get immediate respect and fair trade 😉

To give you all this information is very exciting to me and I hope you do get some value out of it and I can’t help wonder why not go the whole way and get your own digital education too? That way you would learn about the digital economy, where to place yourself to be seen and be the go to person, have a complete knowledge about all marketing aspects so that when you outsource you can converse with the service provider that much better and get more efficiency for you both. A win win situation all round. I learned all my marketing skills here and they are giving away a free trial bundle for 30 days… Test it and see for yourself

Enjoy the journey


keywords and Google keywords…

Keywords are an important if not the most important aspect of any marketing work you may have to do.  Why are keywords so important, I can hear you asking…

Keywords and their implications in marketing.

My mentor is constantly telling me when I have a statement, comment or question ‘How do you know that? Did you google it?’ That is the whole point. Let’s be clearer on this, if you have a question or a research topic in mind you go to find your information, at 96% via the net. And Google is THE search engine that ranks number 1 in the world wide web. So if you are marketing with good strategies and the like but have no tools then you may as well watch a movie!

Hey Rogues let’s talk sales funnels

Hey Rogues look at what Mentor’s telling me about sales funnel

Sales what? says Rogue, that is just typical but not your fault. This is why you need to be mentored to learn about these strategies, so here goes:

First off a sales funnell is basically simple; your website needs to have people see it to be drawn down the funnel. So people click on your advert to your landing page, and to get to the offer they must become leads by leaving their name and email. Now in the old days it was plain sailing and very simple today however things have got slightly more complicated and it is much easier to be rogue but much less easier to be a good marketer as there is so much ‘noise’ and so much bombardment of information from all sides…

So this is why it is so much more difficult in some ways to get to have traffic to your website or blog. You must stand out in amongst the crowd. Even in a small picture like the one above one dame still stands out dame Google. If you can capture her heart then the world-wide web is yours for the keeping. One sure way to her heart is via keywords…So with that being said we presume that rogues know more or less how to drive traffic towards their own websites.

Rogues talking of  sales funnels is fun…

 The best part is talking to your leads. With the 21st century comes modern technology and the above diagram shoes us that there is too much noise for the average person to handle – including myself :) So the only way to differentiate yourself from the crowd is by talking to your list

Hey Rogues let’s talk sales funnels and systems.

This is where the mentors have a lot more help than the rogues; generally there is a system to follow and implement. when you are a rogue you are just trying to do things all on your own and life in the marketing world is not like that.  A mentor is needed to tell you when things are going well and when you are way off target – for YOUR OWN GOOD.

Hey Rogues let’s talk systems only the lonely…

We are already as internet entrepreneurs quite alone but it is really a necessity to mastermind with other entrepreneurs in the same boat and when you have a mentor well it’s plain sailing from there. At least all your efforts are going to pay off down the line and you shall be rewarded by the satisfaction of a job well done and to the best of your abilities. Some one to push you to the limit, your limits is no mean feat, do you know of one athlete who has not a coach?

How can I really help others?

How can I really help others?

Now this may sound rather silly, but since I have been doing my marketing in this company my whole outlook on life has changed and I ask myself often How can I really help others?
I got into marketing for the money! Don’t we all? Especially online, I mean you really don’t know if you are going to be ‘skarky’ enough to eat your fellow human ‘LIVE’!! I was really determined not to eat someone else but not to be eaten either as it were! Well holy molly the next webinar had me in for an awe inspiring session and more on the theme How can I really help others?

So for me it really came home one evening when I was there ready for my training webinar pen and paper at the ready, I was absolutely astounded and remained gobsmaked for the following half an hour as the presenter – multimillionaire self made!- was telling us that WE WERE VERY SPECIAL PEOPLE …For I am an enlightened individual if I am on this webinar and I can really get ahead in my business as in this esoterical circle of those who knew that tending to the mind is highly important…..I am one to think like this and have always known that the mind over matter is here and now above all else but tohelping others

helping others

hear this on a webinar, as my training just blew me away and he was asking himself ‘How can I really help others’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So I have been exceedingly fortunate to find just – a company that gets me prepared to become a successful millionaire entrepreneur! And all the training has lead to one major point how can I really help others?

HELP OTHERS FIRST and foremost.

I have always helped others such as  Grandma cross the road, put the groceries in her boot and the like but it has always been ‘Mummble, grumble when others did not help others back (me) when I felt I needed it. This meant that there was no free giving  on my part to help others, no truly free giving as I had the expectation that ‘What goes around, comes around.’ Now I have the mindset of a millionaire Entrepreneur and I give freely to help others as I just want to empower people and not get anything in return. That is not to say that I will not welcome what comes my way, suffice to say I am not waiting on it!

helping others

helping others

I have more and more examples of it every day I help others , and today was such a good one that I had to share it with you . The new arrival of a “wife” to a friend Entrepreneur shut everybody out recently. The reason being that she had just had a stomach by-pass operation and wanted to live it fully I suppose!? So today they came and I had not seen her since way back – about 18 months!!! She has lost 44 kg no side effects (vomiting, crankiness, lack of vitamins, proteins etc) and looks good, feels even better…

Whilst I was listening to her story her eyes lit up and she was just happy that none of the things that the surgeons had told her or the information she got on the internet came to be. With that she had said exactly what I wanted her toi: as she had been searching ‘on the internet’ for information about the operation before and after stories.  This is where I wanted her to see how she could help others and I just casually say that she should share her story too ‘Imagine the people you could help!! The people and women mostly,  that look on the internet for information before and after just like yourself …Well if they hear such an amazing story like yours that might be just the click they needed to get on with it…’ I say and then later on words about editors and such are pronounced… But I have realised that there is no point pushing the point and helping others is just planting the seed sometimes and waiting for it to germinate…

After lunch the men got to work and she got to a computer and was writing away, writing away…Germination had happened 🙂
I feel so elated that I could help her help others in that very situation, and there is absolutely no money incentive here either.  It is just that once you get on that sphere of helping others there are no words to describe it, gratitude, humility, and joy are a simple few but I hope you get the gist of what I’m saying – I did this act just to help her help others as there is no greater gift …

A Mother’s Heyday

Mother’s Heyday is what I am experiencing NOW after the storm…

Boy I know it  is difficult to be  a mom – a Mother’s heyday is in – but these last few days have been exceedingly difficult!!

I have my eldest son going off to university (of sorts), my eldest girl off to high school (new flat) and the young boy doing his ‘high school diploma’ this year and the youngest doing well just ploughing on through!!

A Mother’s Heyday

And god am I a proud MOTHER §

Have you ever had things happen to you, dear woman – giver of life, beings of all knowledge, so much more powerful than men – with all due respect.  So have you had things thrown in your face that were totally in your control, that were totally your own doing but you just were not xxx  ready YET?  xxx can mean financially, socially, educationally, it can mean a whole load of things that resignate with you now. For as I recall and I do not mean to be disrespectful to Mothers who have been there before me, but I feel sometimes very strong and sometimes so completely hopelessly lost!

A Mother’s Heyday sure where oh where is the manual? Please can you hand it down? I have now one 17 year old who is so LOGICAL minded, (so he thinketh!!!!!), that it is impossible to make him see sence- in my own logical way of thinking!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Mother’s Heyday is when she can relate to her child.

But generally she can and she intrinsically KNOWS what is right for that particular child and what is inherantly wrong. How do we get this across to them is the wisdom of being a MUM – having a heyday.

A Mother’s Heyday?

This is due to hard labour (no pun intended). But personally I get the feeling that men and women are very different, for example the woman gets to go through all the emotional ‘transformations of the child:

  • Baby – mother dependant – breastfeeding
  • child – early schooling (kindergarden)  – mother getting her wings out
  • child – middle schooling (elementary) – mother getting her wing span
  • young adolescence – middle schooling (french = college, american = high school) – pecking order with the adults
  • full frontal adolescence – final schooling -( french Lycée, american = high school?) – child almost an adult here and very difficult to contain
  • Young adulthood – university / prepschools – child just financially dependant !!!

With my eldest child I personally am in the “young adulthood” bar the fact that this child is what is diagnosed as ‘super-intelligent’ and that this has been a handicap of sorts for me (just now look financially he is too young to apply for a loan at 2% so we (the parents) had to apply for an ordinary loan at 8% to pay his fees….)  But I digress…

A Mother’s heyday is when she pulls off all the emotional stuns and the child is not only in safty but also happy!!!

The father has to provide the financial end of the ‘story’!!!!

A Mother’s Heyday

Any day she can have the joy of seeing her work rewarded and generally it is every day.  Some times it is a little tricky, is it not dear? but what does it matter what she goes through as long as the end result is that the child is well behaved, with values and morals and is happy?

I am the luckiest of Mothers as I get to work from home with all that it carries with it – the pay check? well never ever a fixed amount at the end of the month, for sure(in the beginning!! ;)) and our role is it not to put our flesh and blood into the world with the best attributes? For me attributes are not having the latest clothes etc for the girls, nor have the latest Warhammer deck etc but to have the best education possible from le lycée onwards that’s just before high school.

A Mother’s heyday is being there for her kids, being there when they need to rush off to the football match, get taken to the gym….and this is where I prone ‘Work form Home’ is the best, never oh never could I have taken my kids to where they are nowwithout it.

A Mother’s Heyday

This is when she has been threw hell and back with the child intack …………..

The father well he just foots the bill…

I know this is not a given thing neither but hey that’s not too emotional now is it???

A Mother’s Heyday is when she can help other Mothers through the “rough patches too” come and join me here and let’s get the party going.