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Might Time commitment

Might Time commitment well…

Whaddya know this is some time to spend! When my affiliate company started talking about this Might Time and commitment to be honest with you I was not hot or cold  about this new whatchamacallit.

Might Time commitment

started by replacing our beloved JJ who left for other horizons and hats off to Patrick to come in after JJ (a tall man about 2m I believe never met him but judging by the photos…) a Texan boy but I have already written about him in one of my first articles published on ezine too, so enough said :)   These phone calls are the bees knees and I could not believe my ears. The power of them and how they made me think is incredible…

Might Time commitment

Then there was a summit and it all went very quiet, not strictly true but the location of this amazing resort were the summit was being held had a bad connection for their cell phones, poor dears, so even though they showed up the elements were against them.  Then there was more talk and my old procrastination self came to the front of my body. ‘Oh no, can’t be true, what this Patrick is on about…’ and I wont go down that road but we’ve all been there and I had my own déclick (see recent post about crispy days and video )

Might Time commitment was on for me

there was Christmas and being where I was it could only be pod-casts of the previous day’s call – which is still pretty darn good for me!  I kept up my own challenge and kept plugging into the calls and more and more I got so scared as the month after christmas with 4 kids is not joyous YET for us, kinda difficult eh?!  So standard minimum as I had forgotten my computer and to be on one during the holidays just drove my parents bananas so I kept it to the 1hr minimum, thinking ‘Just doin’ my thing’. Thank God for iphones too.

Might Time commitment LIVE 

oh my god well the day it came out was a wednesday and they kept saying on the call to remember what you were doing as this was the day that would change your live etc I was out in the garden planting my panseys in the front so yes I recall very well. The next day was a wednesday and kids don’t have school that day here in France so Mothers generally spend thier day toing and froing from sport to spor, music, theater etc extra-curicular activities! Needless to say the little time I had I was on my Might Time commitment setting up my profile etc but it was not long enoug…

Might Time commitment today

oh my god it was awesome! You put your own actions and time and rate them then you hit the might time button and BLAM a clock starts clicking away. You take a couple of seconds   to realise that it is a countdown!!! So fun. It felt like exam time when you know what to do and just have a limited time to do it in. It ment that for all this time where your normal 1hr drags itself into the day easily now you do it in an hour and just so. I can not thank Patrick Combes and Jay Kubassek enough it has made me realise how much time I was wasting evne if you know it it is difficult to prove it and how to get back on track?

Might Time commitment that’s how!


First published 12/01/2012

Might Time Volkswagen Force

Might Time Volkswagen Force

May it be with you as this is so cool as a project that there are no words. To think that we are the first ones on planet earth to use it makes it all the more special :) So we were equally lucky as after my first day there was a webinar training by the ‘Might Time Champion  and co founder’ Mr Patrick Combs.  So we all got really first hand knowledge about how best to use the whole Might Time system, and Patrick has been using Might Time for 18 years to get him to solid 7 figures from the beginning. So if he couldn’t give us the best advise I don’t know who could, quiet frankly! And he is very pleasant to listen to to boot.

Might Time Volkswagen Force got me out of bed singing again tum te tum…

But before we could even conceive of doing any Might Time there are the morning routines to be done, I am not alone!!! So I do my physical exercises so I can move freely during the day – even if I must start with wood, heavy wood on the fire to get it going again!- make breakfast for the children or if the wood killed me first they get their own whilst I do my exercises ;p then it is 
out we go to get the school bus. It was so cold today and pitch black at a bare 8 am but the dog awaits his turn too, so I drop off the little one and get into the dark of the forest – please see video to get a feel of it!

Might Time Volkswagen Force

keeps us running almost during our walk with the dog to be sur to get home as this is a Might Time day and we only have 3 in a week.

Might Time Volkswagen Force got me to my computer before I was supposed to be,

well scheduled really but I was so geared up to start that it was just brilliantly hot, hot, hot! But hey ‘Stop right there! Before we go any further do you love me, will you need me, will you love me forever, I gotta know right now!’ ‘Babe, babe let me sleep on it, I-ll give you an answer in the morning…’ and this had me using all my energy singing my Meatloaf song of my late teens!!! And I thought it was quite fitting really and the computer gave me it’s answer…Knowing you are the first community to use some program gives you all sorts of wings to find solutions, tum te tum I was unable to log in ok do a little force work here and lots of Might Time in the mind to find a solution as of course everyone is asleep or busy doing their own thing and there is no way I am not getting in!!! Ouf got in press the start button and just see jibberish html lark ‘Oh no…’ Panic starts to set in and I just shifted into first gear and got the show together somehow.  So Day 2 done and just as if not even more productive.

Might Time Volkswagen Force

watch out here I come to kick ass! Now if you would like to get some Force too come here to get your own Might Time.

(And a special thanks for the video

First published 13/01/2012

Internet Entrepreneur’s nightmare

Internet Entrepreneur’s nightmare

Here the slate is clean and the topic is endless…But just bare with me here a moment would you,

  • This is it!!

How much more devastating than your own conciousness telling you ‘things’???

Internet Entrepreneur’s nightmare ;

Generally speaking they are or can be of this order!

  • Can’t do that;
  • Must definately not say that to anyone, too late!
  • Can’t say it like that;
  • You’re late;
  • Wrong number
  • Did you really do it?
  • The list goes on and on and on…

Internet Entrepreneur’s nightmare

Did you ever imagine what it would be like to not have that “little” voice inside of you? Well you’re right it does not exist, and you’re right it does exist!
From this day forward is where you go and Internet Entrepreneur’s nightmare just goes away! wow it is a game changer! For me it shall always be the walk in the  howling tempest that I tamed gotta see
So now my days are fairytale land and it is so much better to be in this frame of mind than the other so I can say that I am an expert in this matter – switching form one to the other is a piece of cake for me! Of course I remain true and tell you that their are times when it is not easy to remain zen, but once you learn there is no going back to the old way and NO ONE is gonna dictate me my life!!!!!

Internet Entrepreneur’s nightmare is a thing of the past

let it be for you too come and see me and leave me a message skype payencat ;) looking forward to transforming your nightmares!

The internet entrepreneurship’s funded proposal.

The internet entrepreneurship’s funded proposal is to immediately generate income…

To cover advertising costs, smart marketers on the internet entrepreneurship’s course present you some useful but inexpensive product, service or opportunity. The internet entrepreneurship’s funded proposal gives an answer to a difficulty faced by their ideal customer base. Offering value via eBooks or ‘how to’ videos are just some of the ways you may choose to have on offer or sell.

The internet entrepreneurship’s funded proposal; building it
As stated above the whole point is to have fast cash. You should identify some useful tool, helpful knowledge or a highly relevent skill and coax the prospects with the incredible value and benefits you offer.

The internet entrepreneurship’s funded proposal on a relationship mission…
As you have provided great value to your client the first steps in trust are sown and interaction may begin. This is where the email marketing takes effect.

The internet entrepreneurship’s funded proposal main opportunity
This system’s aims are to get highly targeted prospects and an eager audiences to be able to promote your primary product. The transition between the low cost offer and the high cost one should be smooth merge.

Internet Entrepreneurship’s rituals

Internet Entrepreneurship’s rituals and beyond

Wow this is so strong that I must write about it to share it with you. It seems that recently everything revolves around this word – rituals.
According to the ‘Free Dictionnary’ as a noun it is  “ A detailed method of procedure faithfully or regularly followed: My household chores have become a morning ritual.” As an adjective “Being part of an established routine: ritual glass of milk before bed.”

Internet Entrepreneurship’s rituals

Well when I joined the internet entrepreneurship path I must say that I was not expecting such mindset courses and for them to help me so! It is thanks to these that rituals have come to me slowly over time. Some I used to have others are brand new but it made me realise that everything is just there waiting to be picked.

Internet Entrepreneurship’s rituals I love :)

To start with I have just been given the link to this video and quite frankly I really resonated with it; here is the link by the way it is by Antony Robins, always a treat. Here he talks about rituals and of course how to raise your standards.This is so true because when you raise them you can be just like the photo above and need the extra ‘womph’ to get there to pick the apple! This is a totally different conception than looking at it and waiting even for it to fall off naturally! Once you have done the small steps and made them habits they become rituals in their own right. And recently I have started a ritual on this internet entrepreneurship’s path just a few weeks ago and already it has become one of my Internet Entrepreneurship’s rituals.

Rituals means that your actions become consitant and that in turn become ‘must’ in your life. The one I’m doing right now is just that a ritual that no matter what, no matter where  I will get a blog post out there somehow. One a day is what I have said and  1 a day is what is happening. Some days (like today) I am so very tired that I will probably re -edit this tomorrow after more than 3 hrs sleep but no matter I have my ritual and a post will go out!! Or other days, well we all have life and our ‘crosses’ to bear so you all know what I mean here but when you think that just 1 blog post a day brings this:


and that the child may be just that or may be your team that you are helping to also write one blog post a day and so aiding others change their financial futures it is worth the effort. In fact the standards may raise themselves along the way, I am in competition right now for the most blog posts in a set time and by doing this who knows how many people I may help along the way to gain some money?

mental diet you say…Good let’s get sewing then!

Mental diet you say…

This is the most preposterous thing I have heard of, you are what you read, lol type mental diet or is this diet mental some sort of let’s not read for a while and starve our minds??? Well I never…!

Mental diet you say…Great

If my mentor gave this information then it must be checked out …He would never give me something not good (?) As the doubts are for the feeble Lets stick to the stronger sort and find out what this is all about; Ok click on the link…ah looks like a lot of reading I’ll just print it out – I shall not bore you with the details of the printer and it’s own mental diet or lack thereof!- and only two days later the pages are printed out, yahoo ;)   A free moment and the pages are zipped through – mind blowing this mental diet stuff and here is a quick run down on it.

mental diet you say…Good let’s get sewing then!

Can you imagine what it is like when a red hot sinder flies out of the fire and you are sitting next to it. Now you can either just immediately brush it off ;




Now supposing, just supposing, that you did not have very quick reflexes and that the red hot sinder stays while you deside what to do? Even if this is (& generally less) a fraction of a second the hole is much bigger and so would be more difficult to mend.





Get the picture? This is so in your mind too and I shant go into the details of how this worksbut I strongly recomend it!

mental diet you say…Good let’s get sewing then!

This may mean that you get less sewing done though, and  so with your now spare time you could maybe earn a couple of bucks?