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Jsut amazing you tube channel


My Mind Is Powerful.
True Potential.
Razor Sharp Thinking.
Quick And Alert.
Creative Genius.
Whole Brain.
I Can Do Anything.
My Abilities Are Awesome.
My Learning Abilites Are Maximized.
HIgh Performance.
I Apply Myself.
I Tap Into My Higher Power.
Within Me Is The Answer.
I Am Powerful.
I Believe In Myself.
I Am A Winner.
I Hold Prosperous Thoughts.
Conscious Unconscious Are One.
Every Day I Am Using 
More Of My Brain Capacity.
I Am A Leader.
I Claim Genius.
I Pay Attention To Synchronicity.
I Have A powerful Memory.
I Think Clearly.
I Use All My Brain.
I Am A Genius.
I Have Life Force Energy.
Highest And Best Good.
I Expand And Open My Mind.
In The Now All Things Are Possible.
Successful Achievement.
I Am Ultra Intelligence.