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What IF… Get Your Life Back Today!

What IF… Get Your Life Back Today!

What if this was real?

This is a question I often ask myself, ‘What if I suddenly died?’

So I live each moment in gratitude;

Each moment in love;

Each moment happy for my body – however it looks at this present moment…

What if….

What if I just lost the plot and had a row with you? I forgive you as quickly as possible and try to call you to allow you the same freedom;

What if I just got ‘done over financially?’ Money is only that I thank myself for the health I have, this enables me to move mountains…

What if I get ill?

You see this is way more complex to deal with than any of the other reasons of this planet that I may have mentioned.

Being ill is a symptom of some deeper ailment. What if I can’t work out what this means? Then I can never get better…

In that case I just try and trust that the lesson it is sending my body will be learnt and I shall recover…

Recently this very experience happened and that is what I did: The dog had fleas, so off we went to get a treatment for that at the vets. That very night I had these rash like patches on my bosom… Having just read and congratulated this lady new friend of her finding out about her breast cancer and she shared how she was dealing with it, I was in awe of her for sure – so very brave, caring, loving and strong of her to share and deal with it like that. So of course I immediately think

‘WHAT IF…….?’

No I will not rewrite those dark feelings and questions I prefer to let YOU fill in the blanks for the purpose of the exercise!

Because I am strong and I know better I just brushed – in a couple more strokes than usual!!- it off and slept thinking tomorrow morning it will be gone.

But it wasn’t gone and in fact it got more patches and got hard… I washed everything I could lay my hands on, clothes, sheets, dog’s blanket, cat’s bedding, you name it, in the machine it went, and on the long cycle hot. The next day worse still it had propagated to the other breast!

So now I am being super strong and refusing to allow this to take hold on me – convincing myself that it was a bug in my bra…. Covering the itchy patches with ‘argile’ clay, putting Aloe gel on…

On the other hand I could have panicked, I could have gone down the spiral of what if…. I could have totally lost it and the rash spreading more and more, letting fear have it’s way, giving into the monkey shoulder talk… But I did not.

I kept my vibrations high, meditated a lot and concentrated on going into my body and fixing it

No what if here, move along please…

And so it started to get better and leave my body – a week later I still bear some marks but that ain’t nothing compared to what it could have been, to the hospital bed I could be lying in now, the hair falling out ……..

So let’s turn it around and

What if I really succeed?

what if I make a shit load of money?

what if I really charged my worth?

what if was a positive statement?

Wow I like that…

What if you commented and told your own what if statement 🙂



Suceed no matter what!

If the definition of ‘Success’ is looked into  it comes from the Latin Successus and later a French word – mid-16th century – meaning to come close after.  The Oxford dictionary tells us that modern life uses for the word:  

The acomplishment of an aim or purpose.’ 

That just on it’s own is so powerful and yet simple. I aim to get out of bed every day, and thus every day I am achieving success! Every day we achieve so many tasks that should be considered small success stories in their own right, but modern society just keeps pushing the bar higher and higher with more and more disrespect for thyn own self! Or if you do give yourself love and credit you are just such a moron, egotistical, selfish and that list is very, very, very long, n’est pas?

Your words are your being…

Just think on it for a moment. Instead of saying, seeing and having a to do list as long as the Empire State Building without ever checking it all off, this puts you in a defeated state from the minute you put pen to paper!

  • What if your to do list was a ‘small success list’?
  • What if your ‘small success list’ got ticks the minute you opened your eyes?
  • What if your ‘small success list’  receded as the day progressed?
  • What if once you ticked off something on your ‘small success list’ you got a boost of happy hormone?
  • What if your ‘small success list’ just made you love life a little more??????? Cherish each minute with gratitude????? Make you a happier person to be around?????
  • I have set up a Facebook page, A Google + page,



A little euphoric right? And yet totally achievable!  After having ticked off a couple of tasks on your ‘small success list’  and getting a hit of natural wonder drugs or happy hormones, when you then sat down to do other tasks, let’s say money producing activities like writing a blog post, in what frame of mind will you be in? Will this be so much more productive? Hmm I should say so!!!  Here is a very comprehensive look into the hormone side of the equation by my friend Helen Sanders you get to eat good foods 😉 happy reading… Just finishing off with some images for your brain to understand quicker 😉

A paradigm shift

A to do list into a  your ‘small success list’.  Let’s try it for a day, well 30 minimum for that is what it takes to change a habit or acquire a new one,

or like this???



#DigitalLife #DigitalExpert #DigitalLifestyle

The other side of darkness…Light

After the dark…

Tonight at the midnight mass of Christmas the priest’s said this ‘The only thing we know about the birth of Jesus was that he was born in the night.’

Often in the scriptures the small details were the most important.  Why was this an important detail? Because
“God could have just brought the light onto the world, chasing the darkness away so why did he not? God gave us the chance to gain satisfaction that one obtains from transcending out of the darkness and coming into the light with some one holding your hand and helping you along the way (Jesus).

I could not listen anymore for my mind went straight away to my business model. That this is the only way to do business, have I not gone through the dark myself? Have I not been mentored, given a guiding hand, in order for me to come into the light? Wow all I could think of was how blessed I am to have not only found the #SFM but also to have stuck it out!

Had I not come out to the other side into the light and gained a profound satisfaction?

“And you use the light that Jesus ‘gives’ you to shine out and give it to other people, that also procures you a feeling of love and belonging…”

What greater joy, then could I possibly have in my business than playing the mentor, Jesus even – with out blasphemous intentions, none?!

So opon entering the Church we were given candles, it was pitch black and then 1 by 1 the candles lit, and at the end we relit the candles in order to shine like the candle with the love of God inside us..

If you want this for your business (without the religious parts at all) then I would say you click on the link and get your training videos in your inbox, get your application form in and get you feeling like a big boy!

Emotional Inside Information on the SFM

What is it like inside the SFM?

There marketing tools are so easy to use that you look like such a PRO. You then vibrate at such a different level that you ARE a professional in the eyes of the other person to whom you may be talking about these tools or techniques that you realise you are one step ahead! This enables you to BE  DO  HAVE.

Before I knew nothing about marketing

What is different then?




Pregnant with ” Your Goal / Vision “?!

What pregnant with goal???

Yes! I am so happy to be able to best described how I did it for tis like nuturing your unborn child!  In fact now I think about it, how could I have missed this analogy?

The idea



 You have to first meet some one that is going to take your breath away, make you feel so alive and vibrant that the very look onto him makes you shudder. This means that there is contact, synergy of sorts between you two, and by extrapolation your souls. For me anyhow, I would go weak at the knees 20 years on – that is how strong it has to be. How you just radiate under each others simple touch and the unison via a kiss is indescribable, and the rest well…

Just like partner your business must be looked for and into.

My Banner

Due your due diligence, research, see what others are doing within the business you may be looking into – not what people are saying about it for they may have had a bad experience and just be slagging off!  This is why I fell head over heals for the SFM Six Figure Mentors, they let us test drive for 30 days no questions asked if we chose to go our separate ways. In the mean time I am allowed to take full advantage of all the back office.  Their training is second to none and the community is like a huge mattress of soft feathers to fall back on – like a quilt cool in the summer,hot in the winter but always there to catch you and cuddle you with love, gratitude and kind words.  You must be in love with the Business Model you are chosing, this is critical for we are talking about gaining skill sets for life and best be at ease with them and be taught by people whom you respect.

Positioning and Planning.

Although it is not called that for a couple we do do it! We plan our marriage and we position oursleves with respect to the number of children we shall have as a couple.  We then traditionally plan to get a good job or some job and work up the corporate ladder so as to have a big house and huge garden, perhaps today move a couple of times house and corporate company so as to retire comfortably!!!!! This is not for me never was but still we did plan four children and as an Artisan Entrepreneur in what I consider to be a really hostile environment for the admin side – the French are not renown for the ease of setting up businesses… (but I digress!) and get the company to grow to leverage the ‘man hours’,  for want of a better word, so as to be less present on the physical side of the plumbing business and deal more with the customers. My husband was already very high on customer experience and taught me a thing or two 🙂

Digital Experts Academy DEA

Digital Experts Academy DEA

With your business it is the same, you must position your self to make the best use of your time and leverage the internet with it’s +2 billion users! So there are four main positions and this is just an image to show you – I have an article here


The producing…

Just as it is very enjoyable in a human relationship to produce babies so such it be in your business!!!!  You sweat and toil, you progress, you regress, you make bounding leaps forwards, you learn new skill sets which you put into application the sooner the better.  So building your online business is fun, enjoyable and damn hard work! This is planting the seeds of ideas, you begin to see the possibilities opening up to you, the power of your own self, your self worth and you begin to think a little differently.  The harder you push upwards and onwards the better you become! But just like in couples the business can stagnate and you can get into procrastination mode – that is such a bad way but we all go there – the next step is too big, or we must get accustomed to being in our comfort zone! Or we can see what the seed is growing into and it is scary so we acclimatise…

 The pregnancy is announced…

I recall for my first one that a friend of mine who had a 7 month old baby was asking me questions on the birth and my fears, so as to help me through them I guess? “What, oh the child birthing part, I haven’t really thought about it” to which she was speachless! “I guess, yes it must come out…!”  but I had not really thought about it on a etheral plain… Just a metaphysical one! I had started to do everything in my power to give this little being a smooth life, very even tempered child brings on a balanced adult, no?! So I stopped all caffeine, alcohol, kept the spicy food, the cat clawing me and did lots of yoga to get into myself and my pregnancy and lots of exercise so my own body would be healthy. Homeopathy came to be as did the spirulina algae drinks …

So for your business…

Gobsmacked defn

Gobsmacked defn

The seed that has been planted and is being nurtured must have the same attention as your own body during this time. So you read, you start to listen to people that you may have perhaps laughed at a little before, the talk of the universe and chakras, mind growth, mind set all these words come into your business!!!

But this is not business people will tell you- and I can now answer
‘It all starts with your mind!’ The higher up you go the more you will earn and the more people will be disagreeable with you ! The stronger you have to believe in yourself to stay focused.  So yes you will meditate, visualise and hold onto these for dear life at times. These are the only thing that matters for the people do not like the new you, the free you, they are scared.  So you know this and understand it, after all you were there not so long ago en?!


Then it comes – THE BIRTH…



Yes you are shitting bricks here – labour contractions have started – in French they call this Le Travail – the work!!! and you have no idea what is going to happen, how high will the pain be, will I be up to parr? will it last long? The list is long but for you no rest a wave is coming and you must be ready for the ride… I was in labour 3 days before it kicked in, so for 3 days I was walking, walking reading gently noticing the tidal waves were on approach.  They told us at my clinic not to wake the husband before vital, so he slept and I walked… On the fateful day I was either in the huge bathtub or walking. Finally the baby’s head comes out and as we did not know the sex of the child it was the father who said ‘Oh look it’s xxxxxxxxxx’ and that was such a moment! (Even though I knew what x was already…) and it is over. Whilst the father and baby go to shower, dress whatever you are left blissfully alone – 1st time in 9 months ! For 2 hours you are not allowed to move to prepare yourself for the feeding that is going to drain you much much more than the pregnancy ever did!!  Always have a glass of water next to you 😉

So for your business…

To bring that seed into fruition is a painstakingly slow process when you are living it, or so it seems! Just today a friend wrote on Facebook that she had been with SFM only 4 months now and she just stopped to look at where she was… She was astounded with the progress she had made – she can not only whip up a website in a jiffy (thanks to Digital Business Lounge), she had Marketing 101 under her belt, was doing lead capture pages, on two challenges of videos and blogging and generating leads! WOW.  But on the other side there is the strive of  the naysayers

This is a Purple Light of Abundance for You

For all who took action and got their memberships 
I want to give you this FREE…
to help you manifest your true self…
I know I have been not as actively talking to you recently,
please do not take this personally and know you are
constantly on my mind!
Yes, of course it’s true!!!
I am constantly trying to figure out new ways of helping you
and making sure you get all the right things in place so as to
What else is there to do in life? but learn skills? This we do daily without batting an eyelid as kids….
Time will pass regardless, so why not make it worth something and learn skills?
skills board blue

skills board blue

So if you want to learn the biggest skill of all, that being yourself, then for goddness sake’s do something about it! Join the Six Figure Mentors for they will bring you to levels of your greater self that you have no idea about now! To be mentored by  Jay KUBASSEK or Stuart ROSS is so empowering there is not a thing that comes close…
The other day I had a down in the dumps day, as one does, and even 2 meditations, a lovely play by one of my children, meeting people of the village at this even did nothing but worsten my predicament! I went home early to be on the webinar with Jay… Goodness me I came off that webinar  (video here )a completely different person – believe you me!
So go to this link for info on SFM
and here to meet KUBA