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Mother’s Job…………..

Today I had to do the hardest or one of the hardest things a mother has to do.   What is that ? I can hear you asking me from all sides

‘Well…How can I put it?

Tonight I tore my son away from his “safety house…” so he calls it!

I can honestly say that a boardroom meeting has nothing on this!

Being a Mum/Mom is THE toughest job there is.  I have never felt this way and never will again, (the contexts changes all the time plus I shall have this experience).

And I guess, no I know that I am really blessed, that my son is not without reason – he is in fact with too much reason…That is why he is just being so “good” no the word does not fit, being so ‘obedient’ I would rather say, is a better fit. In the sense that he knew I was right and that I would take him away from that place come hell or high water – for his own good.

This is what being a mother is all about – knowing what is right and having the strength to pull it through, squeeze it through, push it through what EVER it takes to get it done, when all else (human wise, friends, family….) seem to be telling you differently, especially your son!

I am very blessed that he is so level-headed that from deep within him self he also knew that that was the only way out.

So I had a friend with me – backup?! You bet she was so kind to offer – pregnant herself, she knew too…

Having so long remained silent for the status quo (things as they are), for the peace and tranquility ha, ha, HA! There was no peace or anything of the sort and the two entities were diametrically opposed but I certainly did not have the force necessary at the time to push on through for us both…

I wish I did not have to do this but I could no longer stay with it just for the status quo.  Mothers are the ones who have to be strong, who have to show the way, who lead and sometimes it can not be by example it must be by KNOWING and doing, pushing and pulling it through what EVER it takes for the child’s safety and to do this as we know it is the rightful thing.

This is why no matter what it takes, I know this other job for the other side of life – the money side for me is on marketing,  online marketing and it is of all the “jobs” I could possibly be doing –

this is the right one for me!

No matter what, I shall push, pull or squeeze to get this in front of as many women/mothers/witches as I possibly can! You see tis an amazing offer where I get to give it to you, and see if tis the right fit for you.  I understand that not everyone can be an entrepreneur, but how do you know what your skill sets are or what your skill sets can be, until you have actually tried?? As this is on the internet  YOU get to choose your hours,  the town, the country even you work in.  Now how cool is that?

Dollar Business checking in...

Dollar Business checking in…Last summer during the Olympics in London 🙂

Imagine what it would be like to never have to worry about being able to help your children to the maximum of your capacities, because you are the boss???!!! Let me explain that a little…I can see that the next few days shall be spent tending to my son’s needs, feeding, listening, talking… and like all Mums/Moms I am on call 24/24 not a minute to myself – bliss 😉  But how could I do that if I was on a 9-5?

As I have this wonderful job, where I work my own hours, earn my own keep, I can do what I want and right now

I want  to help YOU!

So have a go and grab the 7 day boot camp videos they will be of great value to you whether this is a fit for you or not…

I look forward to working with you in the near future

And remember

Mother’s be, others are…