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Slow and Easy, Fast & Furious?

Slow and Easy, Fast & Furious?

Slow and Easy, Fast & Furious?

Today I realised the full meaning of this ‘dicton’ so I will demonstrate my newly found wisdom with my story and see how it can relate to your own life – Ok? Here we go…

Slow and Easy, Fast & Furious – Contact phase

Scrolling down on Facebook late in the evening, damn it – I’ve caught the bug of doing this before bed – hmm not a good sign – that’s my scheduled reading time. Ponder on this for a second

Anyway, I saw a micro class of a person I follow and respect deeply, on a topic that as I read it speaks to my gut – direct line – so I book I am going! Do you have the direct to gut line open? You know sometimes you are just going about your business, let’s stay on Facebook for now, and either someone sends you a messenger or you see their post but you get that feeling deep deep down of ‘Oh watch out’, non trust, hairs on the back of the neck dressing up like a panther ready to pounce… Or you get the instant trust feeling – why? How? That you do not know but you have a gut feeling. Trust me follow it – it is like a direct line into your soul – but that’s a whole other story 😉

Slow and Easy, Fast & Furious – The set up phase

I decide that this topic can be very beneficial to me so tis a sit down, pen and paper note taking session – need to be at a desk/table – ok so in my schedule I can do this before and that has to move to there… I have this digital life and calendar that I may move around to my wish – along with some imperatives like school times, some clients, face to fact time, but the rest is my time to manage – whether I research client keywords at 10 am or 10:30 makes no real difference!! So I am lucky that way – some sleepless nights and that’s my choice too!

Slow and Easy, Fast & Furious – The now phase

So there am I sitting with my pen and paper logging onto Facebook and whilst the class is going start I’ll just reply to this, write a quick comment here…. Awaiting for Facebook to tell me the class is live NOW… No happening – panic starts to creep in – and there am I clicking everywhere so as to find this class…. Pro page, perso page, website – no let’s focus Cat! Calm, breathe….in – out…

Slow and Easy, Fast & Furious – The Realisation Phase

As I am clicking to my calendar – is there no link? Back to the pro-page oh and I got everything ready on time!!! Here I am in real panic that I am “MISSING OUT” for sure on the best class yet! Breathe Cat, breathe…

Slow and Easy, Fast & Furious – The OMG Phase

🤭OHO look at the date – it’s in 2 weeks – dunce!!!

Slow and Easy, Fast & Furious – The Integration Phase

I quickly write a post slow and easy it ends and instead of posting it I write an article for better referencing and re-reading! Because with slow and easy comes fast and furious – what this now means for me is that –
Slow and Easy:
had I taken my time to properly read the whole post…
had I noted in my paper agenda…
had I not just added it quickly on my phone….

I would not have lived
Fast & Furious:
the clicking around searching for info…
the panic that grows with time….
the added stress on my body…. !!!
thus making me furious to varying degrees (here I am at my desk, were I frantically looking for a parking space, running from the bus – stress is higher right?!)

Slow and Easy, Fast & Furious – The Phase

Learn from my mistakes and let’s live slow and easy as opposed to fast and furious!


One of my Mentors Jay KUBASSEK gave the most amazing call the other day and it gave rise to this post and I adore the analogy ‘The only one coming out of the stadium with your team colours no matter what!’ Yes, Entrepreneurs have different lenses, and courage, I believe the word you were looking for as opposed to ‘testicles’!!! Tis a long forgotten word and we have it! Being different, we know that, we feel it right from the early days and that is however it is manifested into your life – you are different, period, point, end of story!

Now some have the courage to see it through, some do not and try and fit in by following the heard. The latter will come out with ulcers and the like as you can not change your fundamental nature…Some don’t like to get burnt and some can not stand the heat – so they leave the kitchen!
I am forever grateful to have found PRO U.
PRO U has given me what was missing and that was the Entrepreneurial Mindset, to enable me to use my courage to the max and be ready for success.
PRO U has also enabled me to use my brain in the correct manner by educating me all the while getting experience in the field as it were – website’s, autoresponders et al. actif whilst I’m doing the training in the back office…
PRO U giving me constant plug in feedback from head office to enable me to mastermind with the leaders every day………………….
The list is so long I’ll go and write an article now! (That is something I would not have said so long ago… 🙂