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Fear – new year, new perspectives


New Year, New Perspectives

Fear let’s pass that effing votex and enjoy the ride!

To pass through your fear you must first become aware of it

you must know how to navigate and most important

you must surpass it

so what is fear for you?

how would you define it

one definition is “an unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain, or harm.”

So when we are with our fears that please are real for us at the time, are they really caused by the imminent danger of death by a wild animal, run over by a bus…

So let it rip, let it soar, let fear in and that way you can soar you can ride the wave and above.


Internet marketers deer light!

Internet marketers deer light!

 Ok so twas about 15h00 and I had a very busy night time coming up ‘I’ll just do my article on ppc for internet marketers‘..she said when the neighboughs deer came into sight! Rush to get the camera out etc and  all the shutters are half closed… But I managed to get a shot anyhows :) I do love it here most of the locals can not understand why Parisians come down to live here. To start with there is no work, only factories, seasonal (the next town, Mimian, goes from 7000 odd to 35.000 during the summer months).

Where else can Internet marketers get deer light!

Here there is so much space and the ocean is but 15 km away (can you believe it if I tell you that I have not been this year yet!!!) Coming from Paris was a shock yes, I will admit. But not in ways that we could have forseen. The change from the capital city to here where there are more or less 40 inhabs per km² and in Paris ranging from 300-1,000 inhabs per km²!!! That’s some drop but the Internet marketers still gets the deer light as the walk in the morning with the dog or at the weekends with the children is full of pine trees and they replace the people!  So as far as internet marketers are concerned the deer light would be the same where ever, as long as there is a computer and a connection.

Mighty Internet marketers deer light as the work load

does not change nor does the content save to say that the Internet marketers work formats do change. For example I was going to write up about ppc advertising to follow through with my series of marketing articles but then as I sat down the deer came just infront of me and started eating!!! I had to do something this was the ether talking to me!  And this poor deer has been captive in the neighbourg’s garden scince birth I believe!  My internet marketingdog Gibbs – puppy –  loves to give it a run for it’s money!!!

Internet marketers deer light is indeed just that!

We could never have moved away from a big city to the country side if I were not a merry marketer on the internet! DO you want to leave the druge and slime of your city? Fill out an application form to find out if you too can have an internet marketers deer light!

How can I really help others?

How can I really help others?

Now this may sound rather silly, but since I have been doing my marketing in this company my whole outlook on life has changed and I ask myself often How can I really help others?
I got into marketing for the money! Don’t we all? Especially online, I mean you really don’t know if you are going to be ‘skarky’ enough to eat your fellow human ‘LIVE’!! I was really determined not to eat someone else but not to be eaten either as it were! Well holy molly the next webinar had me in for an awe inspiring session and more on the theme How can I really help others?

So for me it really came home one evening when I was there ready for my training webinar pen and paper at the ready, I was absolutely astounded and remained gobsmaked for the following half an hour as the presenter – multimillionaire self made!- was telling us that WE WERE VERY SPECIAL PEOPLE …For I am an enlightened individual if I am on this webinar and I can really get ahead in my business as in this esoterical circle of those who knew that tending to the mind is highly important…..I am one to think like this and have always known that the mind over matter is here and now above all else but tohelping others

helping others

hear this on a webinar, as my training just blew me away and he was asking himself ‘How can I really help others’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So I have been exceedingly fortunate to find just – a company that gets me prepared to become a successful millionaire entrepreneur! And all the training has lead to one major point how can I really help others?

HELP OTHERS FIRST and foremost.

I have always helped others such as  Grandma cross the road, put the groceries in her boot and the like but it has always been ‘Mummble, grumble when others did not help others back (me) when I felt I needed it. This meant that there was no free giving  on my part to help others, no truly free giving as I had the expectation that ‘What goes around, comes around.’ Now I have the mindset of a millionaire Entrepreneur and I give freely to help others as I just want to empower people and not get anything in return. That is not to say that I will not welcome what comes my way, suffice to say I am not waiting on it!

helping others

helping others

I have more and more examples of it every day I help others , and today was such a good one that I had to share it with you . The new arrival of a “wife” to a friend Entrepreneur shut everybody out recently. The reason being that she had just had a stomach by-pass operation and wanted to live it fully I suppose!? So today they came and I had not seen her since way back – about 18 months!!! She has lost 44 kg no side effects (vomiting, crankiness, lack of vitamins, proteins etc) and looks good, feels even better…

Whilst I was listening to her story her eyes lit up and she was just happy that none of the things that the surgeons had told her or the information she got on the internet came to be. With that she had said exactly what I wanted her toi: as she had been searching ‘on the internet’ for information about the operation before and after stories.  This is where I wanted her to see how she could help others and I just casually say that she should share her story too ‘Imagine the people you could help!! The people and women mostly,  that look on the internet for information before and after just like yourself …Well if they hear such an amazing story like yours that might be just the click they needed to get on with it…’ I say and then later on words about editors and such are pronounced… But I have realised that there is no point pushing the point and helping others is just planting the seed sometimes and waiting for it to germinate…

After lunch the men got to work and she got to a computer and was writing away, writing away…Germination had happened 🙂
I feel so elated that I could help her help others in that very situation, and there is absolutely no money incentive here either.  It is just that once you get on that sphere of helping others there are no words to describe it, gratitude, humility, and joy are a simple few but I hope you get the gist of what I’m saying – I did this act just to help her help others as there is no greater gift …

Want and Love. Treating leads either way can change your business! Part 1. Want

Want and Love. Treating leads either way can change your business!

These are 2 very different emotions.  So different I have not been able to make just one article! So wait for installment 2 for the love part 🙂

Want… Here is a place I have been sooooo long I care not to think about it any more!

Love…  A place of gratitude and plenitude that fills my every last cell with joy.

Want and Love. Treating leads either way can change your business!

The above image is for me really how I feel when I am in want. But to know that you must have been in gratitude, obviously! So for years I felt so bad about my self and did not know why but that luer of light was my gratitude side always present and always somehow keeping me afloat… When you want something you are in the “desperate”  mode, grabbing what you can from whom you can so on and so forth.  Most of us start our marketing like this not realising it obviously!

We are desperate for leads to get on our team and for leads to become our downline, we beg, steel and borrow to get leads  in – we ar in a place of want.

Want and Love. Treating leads either way can change your business!

To want, to want, to want.  Tis pretty much like that, eh? Just asking constantly, “I want doesn’t get.” I was taught. But it is not any easier either to know that it just makes it harder to stop wanting! It seems people around you are just being tougher on you and life is giving you some exceedingly hard blows but somehow you just plough on through and come out like this…

Bigger hands with which to grab and a bigger mouth too…

Now as a marketer when we are in this ‘rut’ it is unforeseeable to get out – truly I do not know how or what triggered me off.

I can but say that to surround yourself with people who are in another world and preferably one of gratitude is the very first step to take.  I recall a conversation I had with one of my mentors, you have probably heard of the phrases along those lines that just change your friends and relationships…But this is harder to do than most people think and even though I only had at the time 2 people I spoke with in my village I was making sure that I got less and less involved with them. Then this conversation happened and let’s call him Simon for now, was saying that it’s not necessary to change your friends per se but what you talk to them about…

For example a friend of his had been thinking for years of starting up a dry cleaning  shop and his sister started telling him how it was not a good idea, he could not manage a shop, why did he not just keep his job???? As entrepreneurs we have all heard this but Simon’s response was the following ‘ So Gerald, your sister does what for a living?’ ‘She works in the town hall’ ‘So she is an employee? I as a successful millionaire entrepreneur tell you this is a good idea. You’ve researched the area and done your financial planning. Now who are you going to listen?’ and whilst he was telling me this I got the message – it is not change your friends but change what you say to whom you say it!

This my friends is the first step to becoming grateful 😉

See you tomorrow for episode 2…

SEO, Google, marketing and French Lavender…

This is what has been happening for me today


Hard work, enthusiasm, and dedication are now paying off for you financially, Virgo. New opportunities could be opening up for you to profit from your artistic talents The downside of this is that you might be working so hard that you’re too drained to be creative, even though the inspiration is there. Take a moment to rework your schedule to accomplish the most in the least amount of time.

Now when I logged into my accountability program there was this video letting me know not to give up 5 mins before the break through,

And then on our wake up call the founder was telling us to go and get some endomorphines via a 10-15minute break where we either do silence or a workout, walk, run whatever. Today I swam in the Atlantic Ocean for my 10 min work out/silence time

I often love to lay in the bath where nothing will effect me and I wallow in hot hot water with my lavender essential oil and just think of NOTHING. I now realise this is when my subconciousness gets ahold of my conciousness and they link up somehow. But I never knew this till today. When my mentor was giving his morning wake up call.

This last month has been very grulling for me as always it is the end of the school year and there is much to be done, plays to see,  musical recitals to listen to, exams to be passed, sports activities …The list is endless as are the miles we travel …I have been “Pushing on through” is my latest motto and it seems to be working well, but not enough I fear. Having driven about 10.000km in the past 2 months I get frustrated that I can not work out the podcast system on my iPhone so can not put the journies to their full advantage by listening to the missed webinars, calls etc but listening to always the same ones! Mind you my teenage kids also need their music blaring out of our new ‘Bose’ Renault!! And the SEO I learned that I am putting into practice, is it all worth it?

During my walk I had the most amazing vision of a new funnel and strategy to put into place, saving me much time and effort..