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Christening of an 8yr old…

This is probably the most amazing experience yet, religiously speaking as it were! My youngest daughter decided to go to Cathé (pronounced k-té) early on and after 2 years you can get christened…And so she really got a calling for this and went for it. It was so amazing to see the difference between a child who is in demand and laps up your words rather that a child who was christened small and is now doing kté (religious teachings like sunday school – I’ll talk about that later) because his parents put him in the class…

Christening of an 8yr old…

Is awesome – pure joy like no other can procure. Here we may be in catholic France but the schools are devoid of any and all religious knowledge, anything that remotely resembles religion is in my opinion banned!! I personally was brought up in England where RK (religious knowledge) was an O level and as I try and explain it here a bit like ‘part of the baccaloriat’ so yes we had an exam that counted towards our diploma, so even if I am notchristened I have more religious knowledge than most french!!!!!!

Christening of an 8yr old… Brings cultural knowledge

When I lived in Paris I was constantly taking the children to the museums, paintings, sculptures, science museums you name it I was there as was Mary and Jesus in almost every painting!!! So as long as we were in the capital and had culture all around us it was fine to be not christened or what have you. When we moved to southwest France with a population of 40 inhabitants to the km² as opposed to the 21000 that we had been accustomed to in Paris we suddenly felt naked and very bare, raw rural life surounding us with not one iota of lace in sight!!! So after about 2 years I put the older kids in k-té and that was some culture in their lives!!!!!

Christening of an 8yr old…Brings God’s hand …;)

And so it was that God came back into our lives, and I am forever grateful.

Christening of an 8yr… old Brings Marketing values

The fact that I have now understood what it means to be humble and truly listen to others is amazing to me. Even for the christening I wanted the family members and god-fathers & mothers to really enjoy it, for it to be a special occasion for all. Here in France meals are very special and for the past 20 odd years meat has been forbidden to cross the threshold of my door, eat what you will but not here! For the occasion I decided that for them it would be more memorable if they could have their easter lamb…And so it was meat came back into the house – even though I remain vegetarian I have become a tolerant one 🙂 This is so for my marketing too, it is a lot easier for me to have empathy and consciously think like the other person thinks, the sorts of questions they may be asking and listening to them on the phone answering their queries not making my sale!!

Christening of an 8yr old…Now for you

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