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Desire verses need to start a Small Business.



In this report just out, by the UK Government (get your copy here) there are a number of points to note but one which caught my attention after the statistics of the demographics and such information is the following:

  • There are an increasing number of small businesses: +760.000 since 2010;
  • In 2013 alone +330.000 small businesses!
  • Small businesses account for an increase in 48% of all people employed showing the dynamics and flexibility of the economy in England;
  • Small Businesses veer towards a “lifestyle” type model, few will be ambitious enough to aim high and expand employing more people;
  • 84% of Small Business owners said they were truly satisfied with their working lives compared to 27% who started so as not to stay unemployed (2008-2012);
  • Small Businesses provide important services to a wider range of companies with totally different backgrounds;
  • Small Business owners are solution minded and using that to provide the best services possible to the bigger companies.

Other Benefits to the English Small Business owner.

First in Europe and fourth in the world for England’s Entrepreneurialship, whereas in 2012 it was 14th!!

  1. The strategies of the government has aided greatly Small Businesses and a number one factor has been, in my opinion the education of the public at large, educating the masses via TV shows ‘Dragon’s Den’ and ‘Apprentice.’ It has made the entrepreneurial spirit grow, even if the shows do not give a honest representation of what it is like to be an entrepreneur, it has given people the spark that it is at all possible.
  2. The Start Up Loans for Small Businesses gave the British Government the information they needed and they adjusted their Loans accordingly incorporating all ages as a decisive measure too.
  3. The biggest jump is the ‘Enterprise in Education’ section…. I shall leave this blank for you to explore it – tooo goooood Just in the introduction :
    With self-employment on the rise, young people need to leave education with skills like creativity, resilience, perseverance and selfbelief, summed up by the word ‘enterprise’. It is now well over 30 years since I introduced the Youth Training Scheme….
  4. The new way of doing business is just as breathless so I leave you with this report…. (Here)

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