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I just caught the film in motion when she gets into Harvard Law School…



A total misfit or so it would seem nevertheless she worked hard and did not back down on her dream. She used her own skills to get through it all and pulled it off brilliantly! I feel very much like this character:
whereas lawyers are generally in dark sobre clothes – she wears bright designer ones; whilst lawyers know not that much about ‘normal’ life she knew lots of facts on luxury shopping; hair styles; nails salons; fitness which proved to be of valuable information in certain cases.
I am a great connaiseur in homeopathic remedies; herbal treatments of ailments; veggie means I know a lot about nutrition; and as I have a Chemistry degree I see things as atoms and molecules so I do get down to the very core of most subjects I treat and I know how to research!

Differences…They Scare Generally.

Even down to the computer she buys there are differences. Have you ever felt you stuck out like a sore thumb? I have constantly felt like this but she had this that I only recently acquired:

Once you attain that Nirvana you can then proceed onwards with your life not really caring what others think of you. This is a good place to be and the only place to come from for you can not please any one or every one! So if you have actions and thoughts that are for the good of all and continue your mission, in Elle’s case law school, then you shall attain your goals.  My mission is to empower women or men who are dominated. To break free from that domination is courageous, brave and takes a huge mind shift. On top of that I learnt digital marketing, which you also get to learn should you so want to (read article here, My SFM Review Will The SFM Work For You?) so there is no need to be financially dependent on any one but yourself 😉   What’s your mission?

inthecourtShe brings out the little details that lawyers should have been aware of but were not, some detail about a perm on a suspects head and the whole case is a turn-a-round!  Some times I feel that my talk of energies, atoms, Mind Seeds (founder of), is all taken for small talk but when I see my own results and the strife it has saved me, I know that there is truth and with the SFM I have gained such skills, like Elle at Harvard Law School, I am now too able to notice some detail that helps some person along their life’s path and that is such gratitude energy right there, who needs more?

If you would like to read a lot more information about the SFM, just click on the link (wink, wink, nudge,  nudge, say no more ;D)