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All that follows is to enable the marketer to come from a place of pure serenity, calm understanding of his market, client’s expectations and how to fulfill them!



In one of my previous article about atoms  I explain that my chemistry degree aides me greatly in seeing every thing as atoms, vibrations, frequencies and energy.  When atoms unite they do so via bonds (see diagram) and this either needs energy or releases energy. Once they are together they form a molecule. This has a vibration energy at which it is stable.

Thus as we are all made up of molecules and atoms, in fact everything is made up of atoms, we all vibrate at a certain frequency.  This is for me a fact and a scientific one with experiments, data and results to  make it REAL. So I see in terms of atoms and vibrational energies.

For example: I became vegetarian just prior to starting a family and for me when the time came to nourish the children with food (after the milk phase), in order to form the building blocks of their bodies – the cells, I saw the food as a vibrating atom/molecule.  As I think that the animals go to the abattoir in rather stressful conditions I see the end resulting meat as not vibrating in its optimum state, it was just not possible for me to have these atoms as part of their biological makeup!

This is all factual and assez scientific, the physical side of our being. I believe we live in 3 planes at once, the first one is the physical, the second the mental -brain – neuroscience, and the third is the spiritual now being verified with quantum physics. I shall be doing weekly articles on these subjects and suggest you do your own Google research for I am sure that the conversation we shall have will be richer for you and me – if you leave your comments 🙂

Mind Seeds Mulch.

I formed my own group Mind Seeds, the name came from a mastermind with members of this group within the SFM community as Mind Set made some of them think of cement setting for good! Whereas mind set really is anything but that! So we came up with Mind Seeds.

Mind Seeds, whose mission is to empower people with knowledge thus helping them to think outside the box and from there make an informed decision.  Generally once you have embarked on the upward spiral there is no looking back for who wants to remain in hell when the gates of heaven are just there awaiting you to cross the line?  To get a better understanding see diagram below and for me hell is equivalent to the contracting energies (guilt, anger, fear…..) and the doors of heaven open up at expanding energies (love, joy, gratitude….)

This is of course all my own experiences and the tools I gained along the way are treasures you can also (and I recommend you do) read, listen to and perhaps I may suggest you start here  free books section?

I leave with you the picture below of the ultimate consciousness so as you may find out where you vibrate. Should you so wish I do Google Hangouts to help you move up the ladder : Register here, see past sessions here:

Ultimate Conciousness

Ultimate Conciousness