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I am unsure of what you mean here?

  1. Turn off my affiliate marketing – never! And you see I have total faith in the digital educational platform I was, no AM an affiliate marketer for.
  2. The metrics are not up to your standards? Learn more
  3. The results do not suit you? Push harder
  4. Your advertising is not up to parr? Get more aggressive and creative with your campaigns…

The one thing that my affiliate company offers is mentorship.With a mentor you can transgress all the barriers you have that are up…

They have a mindset module that alone is worth it’s weight in gold (that you can cash in later on – if you see it through!!)

They help you see the bigger picture and how to transgress through all the walls stopping you… This is only my opinion and I thank goodness I stuck it out, for I have invested thousands in mentorship with other companies too that have given me :


No one can ever take the skills I have learnt away from me, no one can ever take my journey but I have created my own digital products that enable others to transgress their own barriers and live a truly fulfilling life.

So I know not what you market or what coupon sites may dominate your market niche but change tactics, niches, ways of marketing,

OF COURSE SOMETIMES ONE DOES HAVE TO CUT ONES LOSSES AND MOVE ON TO SOMETHING BIGGER AND BETTER, then here no metric is needed but a strong mindset to see it through and build something better and bolder 😀

Wishing you luck, enjoy your journey