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Hey Rogues look at what Mentor’s telling me about sales funnel

Sales what? says Rogue, that is just typical but not your fault. This is why you need to be mentored to learn about these strategies, so here goes:

First off a sales funnell is basically simple; your website needs to have people see it to be drawn down the funnel. So people click on your advert to your landing page, and to get to the offer they must become leads by leaving their name and email. Now in the old days it was plain sailing and very simple today however things have got slightly more complicated and it is much easier to be rogue but much less easier to be a good marketer as there is so much ‘noise’ and so much bombardment of information from all sides…

So this is why it is so much more difficult in some ways to get to have traffic to your website or blog. You must stand out in amongst the crowd. Even in a small picture like the one above one dame still stands out dame Google. If you can capture her heart then the world-wide web is yours for the keeping. One sure way to her heart is via keywords…So with that being said we presume that rogues know more or less how to drive traffic towards their own websites.

Rogues talking of  sales funnels is fun…

 The best part is talking to your leads. With the 21st century comes modern technology and the above diagram shoes us that there is too much noise for the average person to handle – including myself :) So the only way to differentiate yourself from the crowd is by talking to your list

Hey Rogues let’s talk sales funnels and systems.

This is where the mentors have a lot more help than the rogues; generally there is a system to follow and implement. when you are a rogue you are just trying to do things all on your own and life in the marketing world is not like that.  A mentor is needed to tell you when things are going well and when you are way off target – for YOUR OWN GOOD.

Hey Rogues let’s talk systems only the lonely…

We are already as internet entrepreneurs quite alone but it is really a necessity to mastermind with other entrepreneurs in the same boat and when you have a mentor well it’s plain sailing from there. At least all your efforts are going to pay off down the line and you shall be rewarded by the satisfaction of a job well done and to the best of your abilities. Some one to push you to the limit, your limits is no mean feat, do you know of one athlete who has not a coach?