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Visualising holding her hand…

As opposed to boarding school.

I wrote this on August 243rd 2014…

Today is 22nd of April 2015 and the power of this vision is more than I had ever hoped!

The ups and downs that I may have had have been pushed through for I just kept this vision in mind and it just lifted me above it all!

Blocked Energy Fields.

Since a lot of water has gone under the bridge so to speak and I have elated myself to such a height that you would not even know existed – I sure as heck did not!

The journey has made me what I am, and grateful is a word but it does not even come close to how my heart overfloweths with it!

I am writing a book about the journey, so every woman, mother, entrepreneur can have this same empowerment.

Thanks to my entrepreneurial skills…

These I picked up along the way and much more important I stuck to one company, one person more importantly! This person has, as far as I am concerned held my hand and kicked my butt – just been a mentor really – in all the thick and thin of it!  His name is Jay KUBASSEK. He now is in partnership with another amazing fellow Stuart Ross and they have a superbe company which I have the honnour to market, so if you want to be part of your own journey click here .