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I’m thinking of buying a website that revolves around affiliate marketing. Some sites that claim to be making $10k+ monthly are advertised for sale ~$5000. How is this possible?
What sort of questions should I be asking the seller? How do i ensure that they follow through with the sale after i pay?

It is your question that troubles me somewhat… If you have some money to invest then why not make your investment on yourself? Why pay to make $10K when you can invest that in you and get 7 figures? Sorry that is what is troubling me!

Should you buy something then for me that is an investment and because recently I have made an investment on myself, I have invested in a digital education. How much is that worth? Well let’s look:

  1. I can now be a consultant to CEOs, business owners, Tradesmen, Artists, entrepreneurs…
    1. On their digital strategy;
    2. On their social media presence;
    3. On their Youtube advertising;
    4. Google Analytics, Adwords;
    5. Facebook advertising;
    6. Instagram…
    7. Give them free marketing stategies;
  2. I can help others in their mind set – we all know the brain is the control centre for emotions and your thoughts become your words and your actions so, in essence -bad words bad action. As entrepreneurs we tend to forget all this, buckle up and head down – not the best way to do things successfully long term. So I created MindSeeds planting the grains to grow successfully long term 🙂
  3. You can also create your own products and services
    1. I can help others create websites
    2. Graphic designs
    3. digital products – I have created a whole courses
  4. You can publish your works on Amazon 😉 (I now have 3 books…)
  5. I can do marketing for companies
    1. Campaigns;
    2. landing pages;
    3. funnels
    4. pixels for tracking
  6. Email marketing

So you see how varied it can become…

I would highly recommend a digital education if only to know the extent of the digital economy and how your skills can be applied 🙂 Or you can gain new skill sets too.

I learned all my skill at this one place – they’re giving 30 day trial bundle ( give it a go and invest in YOU. You too can earn 6–7 figures, the question is are you willing to take the risk? (& for 30 days it’s on us 😉