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You may recall recently I was in Costa Rica at the #AwesomenessFest by Mindvalley. Towards the end of the most amazing week of diving into one’s self we had the ending ceremony coming… Already no one wanted it to end, we were shaken enough by that emotion and all that we had been through (like the 1200 tpm cycle of the washing machine – ready to hang quietly to dry in the breeze) and we all 300 odd of us felt good in each others energy space.

So Mia, the hostest, told us we would do one last thing before parting – ‘You have seen in Avatar when they greet each other they say touching the greeted person ‘ I see you’ well the greeted partner responds with ‘I am here.’ Now after we put the chairs away you shall be doing this will every one, walk quickly and meet an new partner…


I CU I’m Here Awesomenessfest2015CostaRica

Now you can see in the photo, people hug differently, some cry – I was balling my eyes out…. Some smile, however you react there it was a touching moment!

So what I say to you is that no matter if you hear from me constantly or occasionally I SEE YOU and for those who are ready to reply – do so. It will be with great pleasure to connect 🙂

We all need to be noticed and seen, I personally love to notice the ones that generally don’t get seen, the timid ones or even the bright ones that shine because no one will talk to them either! I am here for you and all you have to do is reach out.

To be part of a community is a very good thing – being in a tribe is even bigger and more of a social necessity for us humans. I have the good fortune to be in one of each. to be part of the Awesomeness Tribe you have to earn your stars as it were, and to be part of the SFM community you need a personal invite. I figure if you are still reading that I shall invite you by clicking here.

Enjoy the invite and glad to hear from you soon 😉