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Since as long as I can recall I have wanted to help people.

When people ask me ‘So what do you do for a living?’

I would often feel the void in the stomach, you know it…

Like in the photo below – it just gives me the butterflies looking at it

and at the same time thinking how exciting it must be on that swing

wishing I could be doing it now!

swing dans le vide.

swing dans le vide.


I strive to find an answer for what my mind is saying:

“Tell me what your dream is and my job then, is to help you achieve it!”

So for all these years I have been ‘struggling’

to do anything job wise and with age

comes the joy of wisdom!

I found The vehicle that will allow me to help others do just that

realise their dreams!

And it is not just any vehicle, tis one with class and style,

that I am proud to be driving!

How Can I do This?

This is what SFM is all about, helping you live your dreams,

I am a mere messenger for the SFM.

And YOU?

Unless you talk to me or a business coach

there is no way we can help!

So let’s say you click on the tab to the bottom right of the page :



&    BOOK   A    CHAT   TIME…. 🙂   



This is by far the best thing you could do, FOR YOU.

So awaiting instructions 😉

A bientôt.