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You tend to be very emotionally balanced and extremely level headed! No matter the situation, you always are able to look at the facts in order to make things run smoothly! (@playbuzz)


Unfortunately I fear this may be true 🙁

So how to turn this into a strength that I can play into?


Yeah this is why I can take the mickey out of situations and know the truth! That is my strength too now 😉

So I’m a Realist?!

I can’t explain how after doing this little test – you know the Facebook ones you just have to do (?!) – I felt like a bomb shell had hit me….

Realist and Elon Musk…

As I’m reading the biography of Elon Musk by Ashlee Vance (well technically reading via Audible 😉 I realise that Elon is very much like Steve Jobs in their demands on their employees. They set the sails and of course see things others do NOT – they are visionaires and have proved it so.

For my part as a realist and not yet a CEO of a world changing company, I can not be like them in the way I treat my peers…

Let me elucidate that 😉  I appraise the situation rather quickly and want to adjust the sails immediately if we want to get the best benefit from the change of wind. I will set about doing this when along come either & generally both the optimist and the pessimist giving me this and that and those reasons why, how, what and when…….. Thus often we all miss the opportunity to do anything at all !!

IS this what is happening to your life???

Why not attempt to listen when someone who seems to know more than you actually is doing something with their lives. Yes you will probably not agree with what they are doing but instead of thinking:

Wow that person is actually living his life as he understands it to be lived. Now


Rather than what most will think ‘Oh no, I wouldn’t be doing it like that?’ ‘How can he do that with his kids/spouse/dog…?’

In the last sentence to start analysing, which is already a good point 🙂 , and we have not been trained to analyse in any particular way until we get too down and the only way to analyse a situation is via personal development giving us this cutting edge mind that can analyse both sides positive and negative enabling us to vear via the positive for us at that time.

As a realist …

I’m asking you to have a real hard look into your life and even that will be hard for most of us. I can say this with a straight face and no backward thought for this is where I was in my life not so long ago at all. The pace I have picked up, the changes I have made to my life are astounding and I am in an awesome place right now but it was far from that a couple of years ago. Yes just 2 years ago I was in the bottom of a pit in the centre of the earth gasping for breath…

So when I tell you that there is a way to completely change your sails with the digital wind that is coming




So now I have your attention I would like to point out the advantages of sailing on the digital wind rather than against it, you can not change nature or the wind – it is blowing and it is up to you to get a grip!

Realist Action Step 1

These are steps that you need to be doing to be going for it, getting in on the first wave rather than waiting for things to force you to do it – generally we are near drowning by this state!

  1. Get informed about what is the digital economy exactly
  2. Get honed into ways in which this could be beneficial to you
  3. Get to know how you can monetise it all
  4. Book a free 15 mins consultation with me 😉

How to do step 1?

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Now is the digital age.   How can You trive in it?  

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Realist Action Step 2

  1. Once you have given your email above you will land on this page. I was blown away by Stuart’s insights on this video and alone it is amazing content and information .
  2. Watch the video below too – getting an insight into how real members make their mark within the digital economy
  3. Create your free account giving you access to one month’s free trial of Module one and all the bonus materials you could hope for 😉
  4. Start immediately reviewing the topics covered not only in the back office
  5. Also watch attentively with pen and paper in hand the free video series I personally sent to your inbox gaining vast amounts of knowledge which ties in with the module 1 (duh!)



Realistic Action Step 3

From here on your life will change.

Now the ball is in your court as they say

Will you strike it? Will you stretch to get it? Will you bother?

Are you on the court???

Are you coachable enough to want to succeed?

Are you coachable enough to want to succeed?

Will you stretch yourself during this learning process?

Will you stretch yourself during this learning process?

Doing a wee bit of marketing to get you started ;)

Doing a wee bit of marketing to get you started 😉