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What an interesting question 🙂

One must realise that in this new digital economy, the way of doing marketing has changed, dramatically. Gone are the days were you just sold, sold, sold and cold sold again by pressure, making prospects squirm into a submissive sale – you know the sleazy sales men types and into the era of providing value in the market place : you are no longer the sleazy sales person but the hero providing content, images and any other type of information you can provide your prospects with: (something I whipped up 😉 !)

  1. Thus this is so exciting …. Endless Possibilities…… Dive in…..
  • And have you see the possibilities are endless!! Here we have just Marvel heros but there are many more – don’t get me started on Manga….
  • That is not even taking into account the uniqueness of YOU.
  • You are unique and your marketing will not resemble mine. So our niches even if they are the ‘same’ shall not be marketed to the same and people you relate to will not look at my stuff and vice versa. Let’s be honest with about half the population constantly on a social media at one time there are zillions of possibilities, right?!

2. Now let’s talk about branding….

I think that you get the general drift – a digital education is for me the first step to learning all of these things that make the digital economy of today – for tomorrow we are not sure how it is going to go 😉

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