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Internet marketers deer light!

 Ok so twas about 15h00 and I had a very busy night time coming up ‘I’ll just do my article on ppc for internet marketers‘..she said when the neighboughs deer came into sight! Rush to get the camera out etc and  all the shutters are half closed… But I managed to get a shot anyhows :) I do love it here most of the locals can not understand why Parisians come down to live here. To start with there is no work, only factories, seasonal (the next town, Mimian, goes from 7000 odd to 35.000 during the summer months).

Where else can Internet marketers get deer light!

Here there is so much space and the ocean is but 15 km away (can you believe it if I tell you that I have not been this year yet!!!) Coming from Paris was a shock yes, I will admit. But not in ways that we could have forseen. The change from the capital city to here where there are more or less 40 inhabs per km² and in Paris ranging from 300-1,000 inhabs per km²!!! That’s some drop but the Internet marketers still gets the deer light as the walk in the morning with the dog or at the weekends with the children is full of pine trees and they replace the people!  So as far as internet marketers are concerned the deer light would be the same where ever, as long as there is a computer and a connection.

Mighty Internet marketers deer light as the work load

does not change nor does the content save to say that the Internet marketers work formats do change. For example I was going to write up about ppc advertising to follow through with my series of marketing articles but then as I sat down the deer came just infront of me and started eating!!! I had to do something this was the ether talking to me!  And this poor deer has been captive in the neighbourg’s garden scince birth I believe!  My internet marketingdog Gibbs – puppy –  loves to give it a run for it’s money!!!

Internet marketers deer light is indeed just that!

We could never have moved away from a big city to the country side if I were not a merry marketer on the internet! DO you want to leave the druge and slime of your city? Fill out an application form to find out if you too can have an internet marketers deer light!