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Well I don’t know what you mean by THE digital marketing course and I can only speak of the digital education platform I use to gain abundant digital knowledge of the digital economy and thus how I can best market in it!

So in that context


should you want to know about

  • the digital economy
  • what your role can be in it,
  • what you can gain from it,
  • learning how to leverage the internet and it’s billion or so users
  • then accept this gift of mine on my website there are video trainings
  • sign up for them and you can be away with the fairies too

My life BEFORE my entry into the digital economy;

  • fat,
  • nasty wife,
  • horrid mother of 4 amazing beings,
  • dreading every day – literally terrified to get out of bed and put a foot on the ground;
  • violence in the house;
  • juggling with which bill to pay 1st…
  • ‘friends’ putting me in my place – lots of looking down on me and I used to live under the table;
  • always scared to move – least I upset someone;
  • being so fragile that a leaf could knock me down, a frown, a side look…

My life AFTER my entry into the digital economy;

  • thinner;
  • beaming mother of 4 beings;
  • meditating thus better frame of mind;
  • MindSeeds was created;
  • Delightfully Divorced | Shine on 😀 was born to help others of a violent situation 😉
  • jumping out of bed to get a head start on the day;
  • laughter and joy in the new house;
  • now only have one child left inhouse, am taking my trusted steed (MBA haha Mac Book Air) and travelling the world BECAUSE I CAN;
  • giving others the chance to have this digital education Digital Education Giving Freedom For You in the 21st Century

Now what are you going to do?

Left before digital marketing –  right after digital marketing Delightfully Divorced | Shine on 😀