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You know if you are on a journey, or do you?

It can not be stressed enough that to work on yourself is gold, priceless. Some people will tell you that it is egocentric, selfish, uncaring even but they are the ones you should look at the most!

For we all start life on a journey,

  • As a nipper:
    • 0-2;
    • The terrible 2’s;
    • Toddler years;
    • The formative years pre-7’s
  • As a child
    • 7-10’s
    • Pre-teens
    • Teenager
  • Young adult
  • Young couple
  • Young family
    • Child bearing years
    • Motherhood
    • Career
  • Mid life
    • Life when children leave home
  • Retirement
  • Death

In the beginning you do just that work on yourself, as a baby, a nipper, a child and up to the young couple stage and then you stagnate! You no longer deem it necessary to work on your soul’s journey for the couple become one being as it were and decisions should be taken by the two of you together… So from a woman’s perspective (obviously!) things like buying  a simple hoover, which coffee? Toothpaste? The list is endless but what were simple tasks become monumental decisions and discussions of no importance to either some times, and so we forget to grow, we forget to plant seeds in our brain and we wither away…

Predisposition of soil for the mindseeds?

By this I mean in my own case for example I was already prone in my younger days to ‘flying off the handle’, loosing my temper and so on but on the other hand I was also constantly questioning myself as to how could I have said such a nasty thing? What pushed me into that state of mind? How come I lost it again?

So you see even though I was in need of ‘anger management classes’ as my sister would call it later on in life, I was aware somehow that I could analyse these phases and possibly control them.

As it happens I met bigger than me, more dominating than me and in the form of a timid, strong personality. So it was easy for him to dominate me, and me well I just let myself play stupid eh?!

How do you change paths when you are on the wrong road in your journey?

You get a mentor…

Simple as that, some one who has been there, and got out. At that moment you do not know that this is your predicament, and you sure as hell do not know what you are about to embark on!  But you somehow get a gut instinct that this is the one, like a lost soul you immediately get on, with a deep sense of respect, honour and love that will bind you forever. Forever being the time you are at that place, once you move on forever moves also to a new place 😉

If you have this feeling with anyone, I urge you to not let this person go lighly, easily. To ensure that this person stays in your immediate circle of friends, even if that is a group on Facebook, you follow them on Twitter, Instagram what ever link you have with this person, keep it – no matter what!

For me this person was Jay Kubassek 🙂 I knew the minute I read his stroy, his sales pages that he would set me free. At the time I knew not that I needed to be set free so the feeling I just took as ‘Oh I must have known Jay from a life before…’  But my whole being told me to not let this man out of my site!  I have had others since then some who I would have to listen to (as all I had of them was the audio that I had bought) and they also helped me through some thick walls, others I read and got the information that way, however you get what you need just listen to your body. Here is a little photoshop I did for you to show you the differences 😉


So if you too want a mentor of size that can transform your life so call me (0033613525725) and I’ll introduce you to Jay Kubassek 😉