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Learning curves.

You often get to hear that mindset is really the fundamentals of all entrepreneurial actions.  What exactly does that mean, for you reading this? If this does not mean anything to you then you will be glad to read on…


We all have our own lot to carry, our own experiences through life that make us who we are and some have more to carry than others, some feel they have to carry others’ burdens – the ones who generally say they have the weight of the world on their shoulders, if you should discuss some mishap with them, theirs will always be worse, so on and so forth.  There is also the way we carry them, just like life you can have all sorts of suitcases, some with wheels – they recently have these four wheeled one that zips along, or the old old carry on, or the tote bags, or the back packs – to each his own, and it is pretty much the same in life too.


This is where it starts we are in the starting blocks, well for me at the SFM gate if you will.

 [Just a short interlude if you don’t know what the SFM is: Six Figure Mentors an educational business model for you to start your own business generally you start as an affiliate marketer whereby you sell their products (for more information click the link)]

So now you can embark on your journey as an entrepreneur. So many things to learn and in what seems an endless time limit. It is not like a university degree, that you do for three years and come out of it with a lot of knowledge and a diploma, no I have seen some people come through it fast (making money fast) and others, like myself taking more time!

The important lesson to note here is to enjoy the journey. Cliché I know but there will be failures that is for sure and you must not take it personally at all. Some adverts you place you think yeah grand, and they are a total flop, and vise versa so  not to worry.


These are delightful creatures, don’t you think?! Ah well these demons, devils, little monkeys constantly at your side to whisper these perpetually nasties in your ears, and thus to the brain, making sure you stay in your comfort zone, nice and cozy… Unfortunately it is said



So one has to learn new things and IMPLEMENT them into ACTION.

This is so simple and yet it is the most difficult act to perform! Because sometimes the monkey will be very persistant and you become all sorts of other things like: afraid of success; fear of failure; listening to naysayers; listening to others and not your core self… So you peel away the layers until finally it comes out your habits change or you give up!

The journey is enjoyable…

That’s when change starts to happen, habits are broken and you start to not listen so much to the monkey. Of course all the while you are learning your marketing skills are you not? Perfecting them, getting better and better but just not putting them totally in action yet.

Breaking Point

As you get better and better training things do shift and when you hit that barrier and pass it the feeling is unfathomable. These are of course my experiences and valuable lessons that I may hope to pass on for when you position yourself higher up the top tier program then of course the mentorship is totally different and utterly mind blowing! So like the wind the cobwebs get blown away and you feel a surge of purity coming into being…. The marketing is pushing on through and now you can say confidently