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Health is all.

Once you have your health taken from you then your realisation is that it was so vital to your well being, just your being I would say.  I have been a spiritual person since birth, and can not live my life on any other terms now.  By that I mean that I have come to realise that I end up surrounding myself with people who think the same!


My choice had been marketing, drawn inexplicably to it by its uses of all areas of the brain, the research, the creativity, the wording, the scope, the analysis, the tweaking and the pay back if your voice is heard by the right people…

The only thing that I did not like was the infamous ‘shark like attitude I would surely have to adopt’, that was so not like me! I live with pink fluffy unicorns, fairies, magicians, witches, wisdom, souls, atoms and energies! None of this techno gargon ‘PPC’, margins, returns on investments or ROI (French for king :D) or any other type of marketing language.  So it was on a cold rainy November night at 3 am that I sat in the cold cold house, before we got the fire place working, that I had my first webinar. This was completely new to me and for me, click on the link and be taken to a place where hundreds or thousands of people would log on and listen to the same person talking, teaching us his findings. I was terrified that the internet would give out, that there would be a big gust of wind and I’d loose my so weak connection (512Ko). Eventually the time was that it went live.  For the first 20 minutes, yes twenty minutes this man kept telling us ‘…what wonderful beings we were’ and how ‘…we were exactly at the right time in the right place.’, ‘…as marketers we must first think of our minds, souls and take care of our bodies, producing better energies thus giving us better results!’

So this was for real! I could keep my unicorns and learn about ROI, KPI and the likes – this was going to be fun afterall….