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Might Time Volkswagen Force

May it be with you as this is so cool as a project that there are no words. To think that we are the first ones on planet earth to use it makes it all the more special :) So we were equally lucky as after my first day there was a webinar training by the ‘Might Time Champion  and co founder’ Mr Patrick Combs.  So we all got really first hand knowledge about how best to use the whole Might Time system, and Patrick has been using Might Time for 18 years to get him to solid 7 figures from the beginning. So if he couldn’t give us the best advise I don’t know who could, quiet frankly! And he is very pleasant to listen to to boot.

Might Time Volkswagen Force got me out of bed singing again tum te tum…

But before we could even conceive of doing any Might Time there are the morning routines to be done, I am not alone!!! So I do my physical exercises so I can move freely during the day – even if I must start with wood, heavy wood on the fire to get it going again!- make breakfast for the children or if the wood killed me first they get their own whilst I do my exercises ;p then it is 
out we go to get the school bus. It was so cold today and pitch black at a bare 8 am but the dog awaits his turn too, so I drop off the little one and get into the dark of the forest – please see video to get a feel of it!

Might Time Volkswagen Force

keeps us running almost during our walk with the dog to be sur to get home as this is a Might Time day and we only have 3 in a week.

Might Time Volkswagen Force got me to my computer before I was supposed to be,

well scheduled really but I was so geared up to start that it was just brilliantly hot, hot, hot! But hey ‘Stop right there! Before we go any further do you love me, will you need me, will you love me forever, I gotta know right now!’ ‘Babe, babe let me sleep on it, I-ll give you an answer in the morning…’ and this had me using all my energy singing my Meatloaf song of my late teens!!! And I thought it was quite fitting really and the computer gave me it’s answer…Knowing you are the first community to use some program gives you all sorts of wings to find solutions, tum te tum I was unable to log in ok do a little force work here and lots of Might Time in the mind to find a solution as of course everyone is asleep or busy doing their own thing and there is no way I am not getting in!!! Ouf got in press the start button and just see jibberish html lark ‘Oh no…’ Panic starts to set in and I just shifted into first gear and got the show together somehow.  So Day 2 done and just as if not even more productive.

Might Time Volkswagen Force

watch out here I come to kick ass! Now if you would like to get some Force too come here to get your own Might Time.

(And a special thanks for the video

First published 13/01/2012