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Momentum Day 14

I had not been to a live training in quite a while and this one was so mind blowing that even after a sleepless travel night getting to and from hotels airports etc, that I had to write a series of articles on these topics for you to share this information, which in passing I hope will convey the same emotions that I got from them! 🙂

Momentum Day 14 – Alex’s mission is two fold.

1. Once you have a brand & know how to market…

So we started the day with a talk from Alex Eastman who is director of the Brand Incubator (Platinum level)

Most people do not really know Alex unless they have been through the incubator process, and I had the privilege of getting to know him a little as he took over the process from Jay. I also knew his sister passed away to cancer very rapidly (6 weeks I believe) about 2-3 years ago for he is Stuart Ross’s cousin and we all knew of Stuart’s loss.

As he started talking he mentioned some about the brand incubator but then he veered onto the topic that he is most passionate about and that is his belated sister. I was holding back the tears thinking – I did not bring enough tissues, as this was a very poignant story. Quickly though Alex showed us that with the knowledge of branding, marketing you could do wonders. He and a couple of others set up a charity to honour her  ‘Victoria’s Promise‘ .

“Victoria’s Promise have dedicated themselves to providing care in areas that are currently grossly under catered for. Women facing cancer treatment face a variety of challenges over and beyond the already daunting prospect of medical care and diagnosis. We aim to alleviate those concerns, by providing vital support in areas such as specialist skin care, chemotherapy beauticians, wig funding and counselling and advice services.

Victoria’s Promise and their partners are pioneering training and supportive services so that we can hand hold young women throughout their cancer journey and give them every chance of the best possible outcome. Whilst ensuring the journey back to health is as small an ordeal as it possibly can be.”

So this charity is not only outstanding and totally helping women who are in the trenches fighting, with simple things like house cleaning work, childminding, good wigs, education…. So that they really can concentrate on the task at hand…

They have set it up so that it can be proposed, as is, to hospitals and clinics. They have also contracts with the medical centre doing the research – woo hoo! This has been achieved in a small amount of time because the leaders are:

  • professional entrepreneurs,
  • they know what they are doing,
  • they are driven by something way bigger than themselves,
  • they are passionate,
  • they educate the patient,
  • they improve the quality of the patient’s life in the now situation – giving the patient things she needs as she is going through various stages of her cancer
  • giving support to the other family members – who are themselves a little lost to say the least!

So this is again proof that with branding done in the correct way-believe you me when I say it is far from having a nice photo and a website banner done!