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My Values, My Mission…YOU


Personal :

  • Passionate and Jolly about life
  • Gratitude and Love is the only way
  • Spirituality know where you are coming from
  • Wisdom
  • Honest
  • Integrity

Guiding Principles

  • Humility
  • Be gentle: “Compassion, compassion, compassion.”  –The Dalai Lama
  • No expectations (engenders  presence)
  • Fill your bucket of love and leave the rest to God
  • Bring to bear inquiry with wonder.
  • Listen from the other’s perspective; speak from mine.
  • SOLUTION  orientated
  • Designa  tuam  vitam ! ‘Choose your life !
  • Earn your way.

Define my core values


’Brutally frank’   my university budy used to call me!  I am totally honest and too much so at times.  I have mastered the skill of laughing at myself to best help others see the jovial side to any situation, but in all honesty.  The only person you MUST be honest and truthful with is , yes YOU. For if you can not be honest with yourself, first and foremost you will stay at the level you are at.  This is very difficult to do if, like me, you must break through glass ceilings, get rid of rotten wood….and go through the cutting off process!

Compassion,  Empathy.

 Listen to the other  from their  viewpoint and try to understand and put your own I answer on hold… This is something I strive to do every time I speak to someone.

The latter not the former , why? Because

Knowledge +  Action =  Roi  (french for KING 😉

In that order, for you can not just take action without knowledge about how  best to use  in what action, your knowledge, for example if I am learning to fight with a sword and I do not know  how to take the ‘scabbard  (‘protective cover’) off , my sword is not to be used for its primary utility function but may be used to hang on the wall, used as a tutor for my tomatoes to grow on…But if I learn how to take the scabbard off then I may use it as a weapon.


This word has taken on a whole new meaning for me recently.  I now see life through the eyes of the religious world, and this helps me in all aspects of life, for with the love of the Lord comes the service to others FOR ME.  It has been tough life living in a country that ‘gives fish’ as opposed to teaching the population how to fish, this is not helping your brethren, this is keeping him in poverty mode.  At about my mid forties having moved to barren lands I discovered the joy of religion and its love.  They teach each other how to fish, so now I humbly teach my local village children.  The love has taught me to speak much slower, really take on the meaning of my words and their impact.  I can but ask my immediate family, children and husband, for forgiveness of my brutal self and hope that I improve enough to never revert back to the devilish self that is forever present.  So you’ve come at the right time !!


Respect your elders for they are wise!  I recall when I was about ten listening to my Great Granny, Grand-Mère Nénette, telling me stories of how as she got off the metro (Paris) they were giving out 1m² of aluminium foil so as people would know about it and how to use it, war stories, rebuilding of my capital city Paris and her outlook on life was so different but how wise she was. So I have always loved talking to the old, on buses, in the street I am constantly helping them carry their groceries – today it is more difficult as they are very ‘méfiant’, suspicious.  And that my friend is where lies all the wisdom in the elders! I know now as a fifty year old person that I am wiser than my teenagers- the goal now is to convey it in a loving, caring manner!

Spontaneity and joyous.  

These used to go hand in hand but now I realise that you can dissociate them, even if for me they are still very much intertwined.


This is totally me.  To be so is to live, breathe, sleep, talk about what I am passionate about, otherwise things are practically non existent in my world!  I wish I could temper this and for now it just is – my passion is being a Mum, an entrepreneur.