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Talk to her at the very least!

Your a level headed man who obviously knows a thing or two. Yes of course where has this woman got her head? I mean wanting children in the 21st century it’s a thing of the past, surely she can see that? I mean today’s modern women want a career, did we not fight hard for it?

Yes think on that – fight hard for the fact that women can work at any job she so pleases, votes and gets to keep her own wages? Ok so she does not get the same pay, oh and she gets treated like a dog, then there is the fact that she still gets to do the laundry, house cleaning, shopping for clothes, food, shoes…

So yes how selfish of her to want to miss out on all this fun, climbing up the corporate ladder – doing all sorts of hours to build the boss’s life for him whilst she can barely take home a paycheck on which to survive!!

We do not take into account the hours of commuting in public transport where other men will lust out after her, sometimes try and talk to her even – no let’s not even mention all that aspect of it – she’s asking for it is she not anyway?!

Who in their right mind would put aside biological urges – which are incontrolable – to have children which is really strong at 30 years for females and I believe about 70 for males of the human species from my own data collection.

What woman would want to trade in evolution and biology for the anthropogenic (man made) environment??????

You should possibly beat some sense into that woman wife of yours for sure !!!

Personally I have never held down a job – could not even walk into the corporate life, at 30 one week at my cousin’s wedding I was saying ‘Babies???’ horror to being pregnant the next month!! I worked with my husband and his business so as to be a real mother to my kids (in my eyes) and now work from home where I learnt digital skills that took my life to a whole new level – leaving my beating husband via Delightfully Divorced | Shine on 😀 I created so as to help other women and my new digital venture is to help all humans ride the digital economical tidal wave Digital Education Giving Freedom For You in the 21st Century as my children have more or less all grown up now and left home – technically 😉

Enjoy the journey and I did take the mickey fun writing this thanks 🙂