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Dare to be different, Balls to do it …

Balls to standout?

Balls to standout?


We all have the chance to do it,
for we are all different!


But few would be on the bottom line there…

That’s courrage, guts STRENGTH



This is marketing at its best!

But who actually does stand out? Generally it’s the people who have been in the game long enough to not only understand the complete implications of this but also because these marketers know that to add value costs, initially! Whether it is time, money or both!  That is why we get the constant

  • ‘So when do you get a real job?’
  • ‘So you’re still training?’
  • ‘How much did you make this month, ok ok last month then…’
  • ‘So how long have you been doing this online stuff…’
  • ‘So another training? ‘
  • The list goes on and on…

So you see we already are different and we already do stand out in a crowd!

There is a lot to learn, people go to universities and take a 3 year degree course, are they constantly asked the questions above? I think not! They are congratulated for the hours they put in – the total opposite of us, as initially this is time away from your family. “But you said this would bring us freedom!” This is generally what we hear and at all times, including 3 am or 4 am when the webinars finish!

So courrageous or what?

If it is natural then you grow up with it and your marketing will be amazing for you have certain qualities that make the marketer in you shine, whether it is because you are used to being “knocked down” your reflexes to get up again are inbred almost now, perhaps you grew up with a sibling who was in the above category so you too get resilient. Of course to be a marketer of any caliber humility a must!

Perhaps you are ‘a little monkey’ …



what Ever your talent please just make sure you use it and use it wisely. This in itself will make you stand out.


The best and surest way to do this is to use the Marketing Business Model (automated yes!) of the Six Figure Mentors (SFM), you really owe it to yourself, first and foremost to blossom out.

Get some information about the SFM and hope to God that your application gets approved.