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Grow from your pain!
Control your thoughts, or they will control you!
​​​​​​​Pain is factual for a millisecond, yes
anything after that is a choice.
Now hear me out…
Choice may not be conscious but it is still a choice.
So rewire your way of choosing!
1. write down everyday certain aspects you’d like to change
  • for example if you want to loose weight just say ‘I weigh X kg now’
  • ‘I am worth 7 million today, tomorrow MORE’
  • ‘I have just done a transaction for 30 units (apartment blocks) worth X millions’
  • or whatever it is you want to have, or be.
2. Write down every day 3 things you’d like (perhaps from the list above) or
  • I have made 5 super calls this morning
  • I now have 10 new fans in my Facebook Group
  • My Instagram post has got me 3 DM’s leading to Calls..
And keep this up for at least 30 days and then we’ll see if this pain is now a significant part of your life….
Again not belittling it at all but for me I have found that this helps put things into perspective.