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One of my Mentors Jay KUBASSEK gave the most amazing call the other day and it gave rise to this post and I adore the analogy ‘The only one coming out of the stadium with your team colours no matter what!’ Yes, Entrepreneurs have different lenses, and courage, I believe the word you were looking for as opposed to ‘testicles’!!! Tis a long forgotten word and we have it! Being different, we know that, we feel it right from the early days and that is however it is manifested into your life – you are different, period, point, end of story!

Now some have the courage to see it through, some do not and try and fit in by following the heard. The latter will come out with ulcers and the like as you can not change your fundamental nature…Some don’t like to get burnt and some can not stand the heat – so they leave the kitchen!
I am forever grateful to have found PRO U.
PRO U has given me what was missing and that was the Entrepreneurial Mindset, to enable me to use my courage to the max and be ready for success.
PRO U has also enabled me to use my brain in the correct manner by educating me all the while getting experience in the field as it were – website’s, autoresponders et al. actif whilst I’m doing the training in the back office…
PRO U giving me constant plug in feedback from head office to enable me to mastermind with the leaders every day………………….
The list is so long I’ll go and write an article now! (That is something I would not have said so long ago… 🙂