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When I saw this video what immediately sprang to mind was ‘Boy oh boy have I been nasty to me!’ This is something I know, and I am sure we all know but sometimes some words are just more powerful for they ring truer, they are just vibrating at that frequency we need to here then and there (it’s my belief …).

Telling stories sells

Because we are all human beings we have the same flaws and the same basic needs. This is why when we share our stories, and I am not talking Facebook timeline ones either; when we divulge our core, raw painful spots where we have been hurt, shunned, beaten, abused these stories tell others it’s ok to be also in that space. What is intriguing is the results the other person got, the


part and could we do the same?

So why do we self criticise?

Now get this we criticise ourselves to get motivated!!!! The only hick here is that criticism produces hormones that have been part of man since the beginning of time (so to speak) and so are part of the lizard brain – the sort of reflex actions that we don’t think about – breathing, blinking your eyes, heart beats… So criticism brings on Cortisol and Adrenaline the Fight or Flight hormones, and if you are new to this it means that as humans before we became settlers we were nomads, following the herds of animals as they followed their own food plants. Plants do not grow in the winter or harsh climatic conditions so that’s why animals move from area to area either far off lands migration of the birds, or not too far transhumance of the cattle into the mountains during the more clement summer months for the fresh grass. As hunters we followed them so as to hunt and eat! But we were hunted too and every basic human need shelter, food, drink is begotten and stayed in the part of the brain we now call the lizard brain. 

Ok let’s recap criticism brings on flight or fight hormones which are in today’s world detrimental to our health for we do neither of those actions and the build up of these hormones produces great quantities of excess X.  X then proceeds to do damage to the perpetrator of the act – yourself!  Catch 22 and a vicious circle for sure hard to leave it.

What is then the opposite of lizard brain effects?

The Mammalian care system came into being also for this enables the small and fragile infants time to adapt to their new environment. What are these effects?

  • Care
  • Love
  • Warmth (of a mother’s body)
  • Gentle touch
  • Vocal sounds

and these in turn produce the happy hormones Oxytocin and Opiates.

And what happens when we are happy? We get motivated to be productive 😉

So here is the talk …