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This is what has been happening for me today


Hard work, enthusiasm, and dedication are now paying off for you financially, Virgo. New opportunities could be opening up for you to profit from your artistic talents The downside of this is that you might be working so hard that you’re too drained to be creative, even though the inspiration is there. Take a moment to rework your schedule to accomplish the most in the least amount of time.

Now when I logged into my accountability program there was this video letting me know not to give up 5 mins before the break through,

And then on our wake up call the founder was telling us to go and get some endomorphines via a 10-15minute break where we either do silence or a workout, walk, run whatever. Today I swam in the Atlantic Ocean for my 10 min work out/silence time

I often love to lay in the bath where nothing will effect me and I wallow in hot hot water with my lavender essential oil and just think of NOTHING. I now realise this is when my subconciousness gets ahold of my conciousness and they link up somehow. But I never knew this till today. When my mentor was giving his morning wake up call.

This last month has been very grulling for me as always it is the end of the school year and there is much to be done, plays to see,  musical recitals to listen to, exams to be passed, sports activities …The list is endless as are the miles we travel …I have been “Pushing on through” is my latest motto and it seems to be working well, but not enough I fear. Having driven about 10.000km in the past 2 months I get frustrated that I can not work out the podcast system on my iPhone so can not put the journies to their full advantage by listening to the missed webinars, calls etc but listening to always the same ones! Mind you my teenage kids also need their music blaring out of our new ‘Bose’ Renault!! And the SEO I learned that I am putting into practice, is it all worth it?

During my walk I had the most amazing vision of a new funnel and strategy to put into place, saving me much time and effort..