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Slow and Easy, Fast & Furious?

Today I realised the full meaning of this ‘dicton’ so I will demonstrate my newly found wisdom with my story and see how it can relate to your own life – Ok? Here we go…

Slow and Easy, Fast & Furious – Contact phase

Scrolling down on Facebook late in the evening, damn it – I’ve caught the bug of doing this before bed – hmm not a good sign – that’s my scheduled reading time. Ponder on this for a second

Anyway, I saw a micro class of a person I follow and respect deeply, on a topic that as I read it speaks to my gut – direct line – so I book I am going! Do you have the direct to gut line open? You know sometimes you are just going about your business, let’s stay on Facebook for now, and either someone sends you a messenger or you see their post but you get that feeling deep deep down of ‘Oh watch out’, non trust, hairs on the back of the neck dressing up like a panther ready to pounce… Or you get the instant trust feeling – why? How? That you do not know but you have a gut feeling. Trust me follow it – it is like a direct line into your soul – but that’s a whole other story 😉

Slow and Easy, Fast & Furious – The set up phase

I decide that this topic can be very beneficial to me so tis a sit down, pen and paper note taking session – need to be at a desk/table – ok so in my schedule I can do this before and that has to move to there… I have this digital life and calendar that I may move around to my wish – along with some imperatives like school times, some clients, face to fact time, but the rest is my time to manage – whether I research client keywords at 10 am or 10:30 makes no real difference!! So I am lucky that way – some sleepless nights and that’s my choice too!

Slow and Easy, Fast & Furious – The now phase

So there am I sitting with my pen and paper logging onto Facebook and whilst the class is going start I’ll just reply to this, write a quick comment here…. Awaiting for Facebook to tell me the class is live NOW… No happening – panic starts to creep in – and there am I clicking everywhere so as to find this class…. Pro page, perso page, website – no let’s focus Cat! Calm, breathe….in – out…

Slow and Easy, Fast & Furious – The Realisation Phase

As I am clicking to my calendar – is there no link? Back to the pro-page oh and I got everything ready on time!!! Here I am in real panic that I am “MISSING OUT” for sure on the best class yet! Breathe Cat, breathe…

Slow and Easy, Fast & Furious – The OMG Phase

🤭OHO look at the date – it’s in 2 weeks – dunce!!!

Slow and Easy, Fast & Furious – The Integration Phase

I quickly write a post slow and easy it ends and instead of posting it I write an article for better referencing and re-reading! Because with slow and easy comes fast and furious – what this now means for me is that –
Slow and Easy:
had I taken my time to properly read the whole post…
had I noted in my paper agenda…
had I not just added it quickly on my phone….

I would not have lived
Fast & Furious:
the clicking around searching for info…
the panic that grows with time….
the added stress on my body…. !!!
thus making me furious to varying degrees (here I am at my desk, were I frantically looking for a parking space, running from the bus – stress is higher right?!)

Slow and Easy, Fast & Furious – The Phase

Learn from my mistakes and let’s live slow and easy as opposed to fast and furious!