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Suceed no matter what!

If the definition of ‘Success’ is looked into  it comes from the Latin Successus and later a French word – mid-16th century – meaning to come close after.  The Oxford dictionary tells us that modern life uses for the word:  

The acomplishment of an aim or purpose.’ 

That just on it’s own is so powerful and yet simple. I aim to get out of bed every day, and thus every day I am achieving success! Every day we achieve so many tasks that should be considered small success stories in their own right, but modern society just keeps pushing the bar higher and higher with more and more disrespect for thyn own self! Or if you do give yourself love and credit you are just such a moron, egotistical, selfish and that list is very, very, very long, n’est pas?

Your words are your being…

Just think on it for a moment. Instead of saying, seeing and having a to do list as long as the Empire State Building without ever checking it all off, this puts you in a defeated state from the minute you put pen to paper!

  • What if your to do list was a ‘small success list’?
  • What if your ‘small success list’ got ticks the minute you opened your eyes?
  • What if your ‘small success list’  receded as the day progressed?
  • What if once you ticked off something on your ‘small success list’ you got a boost of happy hormone?
  • What if your ‘small success list’ just made you love life a little more??????? Cherish each minute with gratitude????? Make you a happier person to be around?????
  • I have set up a Facebook page, A Google + page,



A little euphoric right? And yet totally achievable!  After having ticked off a couple of tasks on your ‘small success list’  and getting a hit of natural wonder drugs or happy hormones, when you then sat down to do other tasks, let’s say money producing activities like writing a blog post, in what frame of mind will you be in? Will this be so much more productive? Hmm I should say so!!!  Here is a very comprehensive look into the hormone side of the equation by my friend Helen Sanders you get to eat good foods 😉 happy reading… Just finishing off with some images for your brain to understand quicker 😉

A paradigm shift

A to do list into a  your ‘small success list’.  Let’s try it for a day, well 30 minimum for that is what it takes to change a habit or acquire a new one,

or like this???



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