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Someone suggested we write a post this weekend on our favorite thing.

Just writing that has the Mary Poppins song come into play…’When the dog bites, when the bee stings, I simply remember a few of my favorite things and then I don’t feel so bad’…
Someone said to me today that I live life at 100%. This is so true I am a whole person (now I have to apologies here as there will be some franglais in all my works! So just bear with me on this as there is no way I can tell which is which or rather I forget which is what!) Thus a whole person is une personne entiere and that is just that a person whole. That means that I live life at 100km/hr, that my emotions are 100%, my work ethics are very high, that I thought just 2 children was too easy, that’s why I have 4 now! That my eating habits are very high too, that I am a very “strict” mother – so I am told, not only by my children but by well to do Mums, but with the village elders we just share the same views ‘It is normal for children to say a minimum of 4 words ‘hello’, ‘goodbye’, ‘please’, ‘thankyou’.
This conversation came about as I am always crying, tissue in hand – I’ll elaborate here! When the children are singing a song on stage, I am the only mum with a tear or 2, when something emotional is happening I will cry – generally to do with the children. Oh well I’ll tell you the story as I found it so beautiful…My youngest child, Zelie, decided to go to the “Sunday school” teachings last year and got very interested in Jesus Christ and God. So this being her 2nd year she asked to be baptized. Today at church I learned that next Sunday she is going to have to ask. hmm and could you elaborate on that please? ‘Yes, Zelie will be outside the church and will knock at the door. The Priest will then allow her in and this way she has asked to be baptized.’ It was upon hearing this and seeing that for little Zelie how big it would be for her, to knock on the huge church door, whilst everyone is inside was just soooo beautiful for me that yes I cried!
It is during these moments in life, where the emotions just grab me somewhere that I cannot name, that I burst literally – like a dam. Now don’t get me wrong I am not a person when people look at me it, say ‘oh yes she’s gonna cry at whatever I say! So best be careful!’ So they are always very surprised when the dam bursts because it is so unlike me! But I also get the feeling that they are either sacred of such emotions or envious.
But living life to the fullest means that every day is a new day and every day a new beginning, when I first moved to Paris my friends would get quite fed up ‘Oh Catherine it’s just another day’ they would rant as I would marvel at the fact ‘Hey look the sky is blue!!’ For they knew I came from London and there the sky is too often grey, drizzly. But you don’t notice this until you leave the Island! My husband sometimes gets exasperated ‘You said that yesterday!’ and I truly do not recall and if I did the emotions were different, the sky a different colour blue…
What is good about this is that even if I really did something silly & stupid the previous day I now look forwards to what life will unleash on me today, what is in store now?

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