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The SFM Was My Ticket Out

Here I was living in the most amazing house, in the biggest pine forest of western Europe with the Atlantic Ocean only minutes away, the skiing region of the Pyrenees not even 2 hrs away and I just felt like an empty hollow bucket, not even a beeing, let alone human.

After having got my family into a Rocky Horror Picture Show life I found myself on the internet and then it happened;

SFM ticket out of Escource France

SFM ticket out of Escource France

When I first stumbled upon it I just had no clue what it was, in fact half the time I did not even understand it – this guy making millions using the internet, it was just one line in his video that did it for me: “If you want your business to be present in the 21st century then you had better be on the inernet!”  They all seemed authentic, genuine and having a blast – yes please! So I joined in.

The journey…

Everyone will tell you tis about the journey, not the destination, afterall success is not a destination and one never arrives does one?   At first it is incomprehensible for they are all millionaires and have no money issues so obviously you say that! When you get to the stage where it really is all about the journey then that is the sum-um the Nirvana. At this stage in your own development then it is so exciting and this is when life truly offers all to you.

SFM in all of this?

At the start you are here to get your head out of the water, off the tread mill and off the 9-2-5!  It is all pretty but in reality Jay and Stuart know how it is difficult to reach this Nirvana  stage, they have thus laid out a step by step process that enables you to “walk into the SFM shop” and start your business from where you are, get your own ideas, ideals and vision to where you want to go, the how leave it up to them.  They are the experts afterall!

They take you on the merry go round that is your life and you can take it any way you choose,

This is YOUR PART, Go To Town With It, Have It How You Like It, Colourful, Fast, Slow… The Show Is Yours… And you can interchange it, fast, slow, bright, white…


If you have not already done so apply to see if your membership ($29.95) will be accepted and take it from there, the business coach will call you (should you be selected) and you can start your journey on the merry go round then!

It’s not about the money, rather the #digitallifestyle.